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Audience Feedback Transcript from LAPSUS Short Film

LAPSUS Short Film. Audience Feedback Written Transcript from the WILDsound FEEDBACK Film Festival:

Lapsus » can not be seen yet online. Go to the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LapsusFilm:

Moderator (Matthew Toffolo): Lots to talk about with this film. I think it’s borderline brilliant, and at the same time a little uneasiness from the crowd. A 30 minute film in just one location by the way, that grabbed all of our attention whether we liked it or not.

Audience Member #1: I think it was the best in the bunch personally. I really enjoyed it in a lot of ways. I kind of expected a twist, but I didn’t know what the twist was, as opposed to the previous film where I saw the twist coming, so that was really good. It’s really difficult to make a confinement film, in all in one room, and they did a really good job and made it interesting all around.

Moderator: Right off the bat, emotionally they took us in different types of twists and turns. And I know some people (in the audience) are indifferent about this film. At the beginning how did they get our attention? – Sexuality. Comedy. Which grabbed us as an audience and it took us in an interesting direction. In the end, in kind of teetered a little bit with a “Lord of the Rings” five different endings.

Audience Member #2: I liked it. Reminded me of Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs. And as you say everything takes place in the same spot and it’s very good. This movie is great because we’re completely in this laundromat and there’s nowhere to go. We (the audience) are stuck with the characters. So that’s it…it was a good movie.

Audience Member #3: It really kept me on my toes, when they kept having all of these flicking shots of the characters and different places throughout the film. I was wondering how it was all related.

Moderator: It’s just a good piece of filmmaking whether you like the genre or not. Just using the confinement of the location. Even with the first shot, we all loved it. The camera in the washing machine spinning. We are aware the camera is in the machine, but it takes us into the film, which means that we really shouldn’t take this film too seriously. We know there is a camera! They are obvious about it, which is great for this film. So we’re having fun. But for some people it’s too violent. I don’t know if it’s my upbringing, but I’m so desensitized by violence in television and the movies. It’s like I don’t think about it anymore. It’s only my girlfriend who’s sitting next to me who is totally freaked out by this film. Maybe because I played football (American Football) my whole life that I don’t even think about violence. I don’t know what that says about me, or about the types of films we watch these days.
Was this movie too violent for some people?

Dozens of Audiences Members: YES. YES. YES

Moderator: Way too violent?

Dozens of Audiences Members: YES. YES. YES

Audience Member #4 – I thought there was a lot of gratuitous violence. I watch Boardwalk Empire, which I find a very violent show and I’m often hiding behind a pillow, but I just find the quality of the production so fine that I’m willing to overcome it. I thought this was an interesting film. I did think that acting was very good. Maybe I’m stupid, but I didn’t entirely understand exactly what unfolded. And so for me the story wasn’t strong enough to support the amount of quality of the violence in it. Although, I did enjoy the film overall.

Audience Member #5 – I definitely enjoyed aspects of this film. It brings the question: is cleanliness, godliness? In what degree are these characters real? And who is really the redemptive and deceptive character? Is it the woman? Is it somebody else? What’s going on here? The violence for me…it’s all subjective and personal. But violence for the sake of violence…there’s nothing to it. It’s not the point. But in this picture I’m surprised we’re not talking more about further meanings behind him just being a psychopath. What else can we talk about here and where can this discussion go? So I would like to see a bit of that going on and see if someone can put meaning on the table because I’m at a bit of a loss. But I didn’t really like it.

Moderator: Thank you for your point. As she (Member #4) was saying, the violence has to back itself up.

Audience Member #6 – I liked that they put the cockroach in there to give it a more creepy tone to the film. He’s walking through the blood and… I liked that.

Moderator: Just to go back to your (Member #5) comment. Yes, there has to be an emotional context to what we’re seeing. The blood. The cockroach. Because it’s a story about a psychopath. And what goes in in his inside. So, is it a comic book where we’re not supposed to be grounded with it? Like I said, we are aware of the camera right from the beginning – so let’s just have fun. Or, is it trying to be more serious? Like even these recent comic book movies do – they try to tell us how to think, or tell us how to be. I think this film (Lapsus) was trying to have fun, and then it took itself too serious in the end. That could be your problem with it (pointing to Member #5). And it could be a good point.

Audience Member #7 – The thing that kind of baffled me was all these little side shots that they had. There is more than one story going on, right? They kind of told 2 or 3 stories before they got to the key story. And they always went back to these inserts. It didn’t all get put together? Like, why did they put all detergent on top of the telephone. I didn’t get that. They didn’t tie everything together. A few issues. It didn’t all pull itself together.

Audience Member #8 – I really enjoyed the side bits, because we are taking a look at this character who’s twisted and psychotic. So the audience is in the same mindset with all of these non sequential moments. It could of fucked itself over, but in the end I enjoyed it the same way he (Member #5) didn’t enjoy it.

    Watch the Audience Feedback Video:

Interview with Karim Ouaret, Director of LAPSUS Short Film

This is the first time I saw a feedback video of my film. It’s a very good idea ! I really like the initial reactions to the Toronto audience because I saw different kind of reactions. That’s why I made this film to provide various emotions and feelings to the audience.

– Karim Quaret on his reaction to the WILDsound Experience

    Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video:

Interview with Karim Ouaret:

Matthew: Your short film played at our festival in 2013. How has it done since it screened?

Karim: Lapsus » continues its success story. Its became a Multi-Award Winning Film worldwide (Hollywood, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Londres, Berlin, Madrid, Varsovie, New York, Atlanta …): 28 Awards and 54 Official Selections. Now I’m looking for a distribution deal.

Lapsus » can not be seen yet online. Go to the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LapsusFilm:

Matthew: What motivated you to make this film?

Karim: Lapsus is an error in writing or speaking but it exists another unknown kind of Lapsus : Lapsus Memoriae. This is this kind of Lapsus I would to speak..

Matthew: From the idea to the finished product, how long did it take for you to make this film?

Karim: Lapsus is my first Short. I directed more than 100 music video before it.

I started to write the script in 2008 with Julien Diris (a friend of mine). Producers I know doing music videos wanted to produce it but we were always waiting for french funding agencies…

So in 2010, I decided to create with my wife my production company “COME ON Productions” in order to produce it otherwise Lapsus would never come to life.

We put all our money in it and we shot in March 2012.

After one year of post-production Lapsus was complete in April 2013.

Following the amazing success of Lapsus, I know I was right to do it in my way ;).

Matthew: What was the biggest obstacle you faced in completing this film?

Karim: The biggest obstacle is always money until the last day I completed the film.

Matthew: What film have you seen the most in your life?

Karim: “Back to the Future » by Robert Zemeckis, the trilogy is a Masterpiece !.

Matthew: What is next for you? A new film?

Karim: I just finished the step online of my 1st Feature Film « EXCEPTIONS », a new Thriller about Genetics.

I would like to shoot it in Canada.

Actually I’m looking for a strong producer who are is afraid to produce an ambitious 1st Feature Film. A suggestion to all concerned !