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School Books, POEM by Chase Morris

Genre: Society, Political, Life

School Books
by Chase Morris

Deafness and Blindess
Race and ethnicity
Country and age
All have become factors of how public school systems are made
Manhattan is 3 minutes from The Bronx
Two different worlds
Two different blocks
School girls in Colombia are dropping out cause they’re pregnant
Babies having babies
Too young to feed it
Disabilities make people lesser
Then what do you call Helen Keller?
These kids are using garbage for the floor of their homes
This world has been put in a lock
Jungle of poverty
Cause of celebrity wanna bes
1 good hospital
93 workers
1000 people come in daily
Some people cant get treatment but everyone needs it.
Playing in the muddy waters
Calming the fathers
The daughters back
But she got caught up in prostitution to put clothes on her two year old child
She ended up dialing the number to heaven to replace the hole in her heart
Cause she had no money to meet marks needs
Now hes in foster care
3 people work there
No sanitation
No ceiling
All damn-nation
You see…
Cities have been affected so deeply that education just starts the spark
Just these cold hard facts cant help their hearts
Their struggles are deeper than the sowing of your sweater
Sway your emotions to feel what i feel
Notice the pain in their blood because its real
And the half bag of doritos you throw in the trash
Could be used to sooth the starvational deaths
Inhale my exquisite teachings
And become the apprentices i know you all can be

IF Only, POEM by Ro-Shonda King

Genre: Love, Relationship, Romance,

IF Only
by Ro-Shonda King

A Time to Wine and Dine ……..
The only one that’s mine for sure…….
Whom I really adore so very much…..
Spending quality time together….
To enjoy every moment of your smile….
Holding on those special memories we always Love to share together forever….
A time to cry….
A time to die….
A time to be strong….
A time to hold on….
A time to breakup….
A time to let go….
A time to move on ….
A time to let your heart heal from heartache and pain….
Just become friends….
until then….
Trying to fit in wherever you belong….
Holding hands with Someone You Truly Love……
While watching white doves….
Flying so high above….
in the sky….
At this given moment….
Just taking the time to say ” I Love You” very much so……
At this given moment is …. ‘
What Really Counts’….
In Life Itself……
But being so kind….
and not so stubborn…..
When Someone needs your Love and Support…..
Show them that you really care…
So when you feel that special touch of “Love” from someone….
Knowing that feeling of Love….
Coming from someone that Loves you so very much….
But wanting or desire for someone to Love you again….
Is What You Need….
To restore “Your Heart” All Over Again….
Oh…If Only….

Ro-Shonda King Copyright © 2015

Together, POEM by Corey Edwards

Genre – Life, Love, Relationships, Romantic, Sexy

by Corey Edwards

Together we lie here, delirious from drinking of delicate juices,
And we ought never have tasted of sweetened life;
A sordid gift, a symphony of lust and desires,
As luscious as a flood of honey, upon our tongues.

The desire of my skin, when near to you,
Screams, to be pure illumination, for this purpose;
To mingle our atom’s, and there to be as one.

Come, let us befriend the moon,
Enlisting her in our search,
As we whisper, of our frantic need for the garden.

©2015 Corey Edwards, All Rights Reserved

Nappy Headed Child O Mine, POEM by Tola Dee

Genre: Love, life, inspiration, kids philisopical

Nappy Headed Child O Mine
by Tola Dee

Nappy headed child O mine
Hair as nappy as granny and that tough old green carpet combined

Yet soft and tenda
As course as the main of a prized horse
Black, brown, golden whateva your color
Your nappy formula is beautiful to the core

A sista’s hair is like the seven wonders of the world
Make that the 8th, 9th, 10th or even infinity
The way she walks with her head held high
With grace, style, queen like posture and dignity

She knows she an empress
Her aura and stance me don’t test

Go on gurl with your fine nap, for every kink has a story to tell
A story of your mother, her mother, your grandmother
A generations frustrations

Our misunderstood hair has been processed, pressed and stressed so we could be understood?

O suga Dark & Lovely isn’t the way, don’t you know chemicals bring breakage that eats away
At who you really are, don’t you know your A STAR!!!
But with your hair you’re at war…

Nappy headed child O mine
Don’t repine
All others you outshine
The strands of your hair entwine like a beautiful grapevine

With your unique style, your braids, cornrows and sista locks
Howeva you wear it people with watch
Your Van Gogh masterpiece

When you become proud all vexation will cease
Your brown skin, round butox and powerful mind
Sista girl you are fierce

So what more can I say to you Nappy Headed Child O Mine

Patience, love of what you’ve been giving comes in time

Life’s A Trip, Poem by Benjie “TheMan” Anderson

Genre: Life

by Benjie “TheMan” Anderson

It’s said “the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”
Life’s a trip… so be in shape, and have a whole lotta pep!

You go through life workin’ hard playin’ by the rules,
Life’s a trip… when those who don’t, seem to get most of life’s material jewels?!

You pay all your bills every month to the nickel, penny and dime,
Life’s a trip… when you still can’t get to borrow at, and below prime.

Life’s a trip, when for years you were told “you are the best!”
A loved one lied and plotted against you, causing you extreme undue duress.

When you lay down to go to sleep and want to dream pleasant thoughts.
Life’s a trip… when all you envision are extreme sinister haunts.

Life’s a trip, when you don’t get a fair shake in this big old world.
You pull your hair out, have your blood pressure run up, and get so sick you wanna hurl!

Life’s a trip, when all those tickets for lotto you just bought,
Turned out none at all were winners and you spent way more than you ought.

“You’re an asset to the company, great to have you” says a boss.
Life’s a trip, when after only one problem, you’re on unemployment, and at a huge loss.

The doctor delivers a baby; “It’s a healthy child,” he’d declare.
Life’s a trip, when reality sets in… HELLO! You’re a parent, Oh yeah!!

All is right with the world, your life’s together, and everything is sublime.
Life’s a trip, if you’ve got it goin’ on, and good things just happen ALL the time!

The moral of this poem; for sure, there is one to be.
Life’s a trip, a journey, and I pray yours to be…
Positive, healthy, loving, good, enriching, and extraordinary!

© 2011 Capital Idea Marketing a subsidiary of InvesDevel, LLC All rights reserved

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Nothing. Poem by Maggie Mae

Genres: Love, life, inspirational, empty

By Maggie Mae

There is nothing
You can say
You can do
The empty place
Will never be full
Overflow with love

There is nothing
You can dream
You can touch
The empty place
Will always grow
Make new space
For more love