Today’s Story Pitches: Feature Film and Novel Loglines

Free logline submissions. The Writing Festival network averages over 95,000 unique visitors a day. Great way to get your story out: Read Today’s Novel and Feature Film Pitches: Title: A Twin’s Redemption Written by: Yassy F Type: Novel Genre: Drama, Paranormal Romance, Fiction, YA Title: Prodigal Son Written by: Kathleen Lopez Type:… Continue reading Today’s Story Pitches: Feature Film and Novel Loglines

Read today’s NOVEL Story Loglines

Submit your FREE Logline/Pitch today of any genre or type (feature, novel, short story etc..) Read today’s NOVEL Story Loglines: Title: SCORN KILLS Written by: Suzi Albracht Type: Novel Genre: Horror/Thriller Title: CORNELIUS Written by: Tanya R. Taylor Type: Novel Genre: Paranormal, Adventure, Romance, Suspense Title: Stiletto Written by: Lori Kay… Continue reading Read today’s NOVEL Story Loglines