Part 1: Sci-Fi Feature Movie Pitches and Loglines

Submit your logline for FREE today (Any type. Any genre) READ Sci-Fi Feature Film Pitches: Title: THE TIME TO RESCUE HER IS NOW Written by: Steven Mars Genre: Sci-Fi Type: Feature Screenplay Title: MARS WANTS REVENGE Written by: Jason Spellman Genre: Sci-Fi / Comedy Type: Feature Screenplay Title: NORTHERN LIGHTS Written… Continue reading Part 1: Sci-Fi Feature Movie Pitches and Loglines

Today’s Feature Screenplay Pitches

Read today’s Feature Screenplay Story Pitches and Loglines. Bringing you the best of new story ideas in the world today. Go to the Logline page and submit your story (any type, any genre) today: Or, Submit your Feature Script to the Festival. FULL FEEDBACK. Holiday Special. SAVE $15 off regular submission: TODAY’S LOGLINES… Continue reading Today’s Feature Screenplay Pitches