Luftmenschen #2, Poetry by LJ Kessels

Genre: Death, Dark

Luftmenschen #2
by LJ Kessels

An empty forest, filled with spurs, steam coming from a gully and a
burning barge on the bayou. Cocaine lines on a cigar-tugging chest;
dirty feet on the plastic covered couch.

An egg breaks on a portrait of the assassinated William.

Trees illuminated by the night into majestic white statues unhindered
by time.

A dark sea foaming,

Bin bags floating

Sitting down for a cup of tea with exposed breasts.

Empty parking lots

And faded images of running through the streets.

Hands placed on the head peering over the eastern sea.

She is stroking his hair while he gives head.

All these bodies are out of focus.

The landscape left black against a light sky

Beggary next-door to unsullied people dressed in white

The roaring sound of a bustling café came in from nowhere.

There is a Zamboni running around her head,

Cleaning her membranes

While in the street with her legs wide spread.

    * * * * *

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