Swear to me, Poetry by Will Humphrey

Genre: Sad, Dark, Rhyme

Swear to me
by Will Humphrey

If I vanished in front of your eyes

Right here right now

Would you cry?

You don’t know me

You don’t know my story

You just know that im standing here in front of you

What if the person beside you left this World with your very next blink?

Could you handle it?

Have any of you ever been isolated

Just like me on this stage

Where all eyes are on you

Piercing through your soul making you feel so small

So insignificant

Let me take you back to 2009

When I completely lost my mind

The days which I was bullied to the point of loneliness

Left and right id look and slowly watch as my universe


Friends dropping out of my life

As quick as the streams of tears down my cheeks

Bruises growing under my eyes and lies being spread

Oh these years…oh man I wish I was dead

Shrug it off gingy, you have no soul

How can you feel…

These words that cut deep

Pushed me so close to the edge

That I almost jumped

That I almost did exactly what they wanted

Houdini right? Greatest escape artist

Well I want to thank him

I want to thank the world for being malleable

And I want to thank the ones who grabbed my hand from the depths of hell

Without them I wouldn’t be here today

I wouldn’t be a writer

And I certainly wouldn’t be up on this stage

In this moment im facing my biggest fear

The fear of judgement

But I look out into this crowd and I notice something

All of your eyes are indeed on me

But its no 2009

There is no judgement

There is just all of you

Listening… Its simply amazing

The sun outside has begun to shine down on me

And finally my shadow doesn’t consume my life

Because of people like you I survived

Because of your support ive become stronger

Ive always been called an anomaly

The one who wasn’t meant to be

The one who should of off himself

So if I vanished now… would you care?

Would you screed a tear?

How about you all join me

Raise you right hand high in the air (and)

Solemnly swear that you will be there

That you will reach out and grab someones hand

Because someday you may need that hand too

Look around you

All these people would be there

Making sure you don’t vanish, but if you ever find yourself alone just remember

The sun can only shine if you open your eyes

So take someones hand and open them wide

    * * * * *

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