Appearances. Poetry by Patsy Jawo

Genre: Rhyme, People, Relationship

by Patsy Jawo

I am in business of life not work
Organised with all not victimised
Shadows in turn crop the spectrum
Reflections of projections long lost in battle
Souls in limbo crying, dying, tormented
Salvation a choice not taken yet always waiting
A life of aching, hating and faking not worth living
Taking more than one should and still expecting more
Giving nothing or less than required, still we complain
Being saved and blessed endlessly, no appreciation
Praying only for that which we want, not for the good of all
Ignoring that which we need for vanity, ego and lust
Seeking peer approval and making comparisons when each is perfect as is
Inadvertently lodging cancerous memories who only want to be free
Insisting we know it all when our cluelessness has never been more evident
Hunting, handling and being hoarders of unnecessary information
Serving only to drown us in ignorance and keep us further away from truth
Assuming we have the full picture with the slight amount we consciously process
Feeling pride, arrogance and superiority as seeming tools we created but which are unreal
Living lives as though these illusions we have come to believe are real
Refusing to accept there is more to existence than appearances
Acting with no self-pity, giving thoughts about failure and loss power to dwell
Being victims, pretending blindness and sabotaging self by getting in one’s own way
Carelessly risking all lives with ridiculous thinking when everything can be overcome
Stop already I say! It is time to live greatly, abundantly and with inner eyes open with faith
Agreeing that we are more than enough as we are and nothing diminishes us
Above all that the love we are is beyond anything we think we know or understand
And there can be no greater power than that which we allow to manifest

    * * * * *

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