February 28 2016 Writing Festival Event

It’s a matinee festival this week as we will be the pre-game show event for the Oscars. This week the showcase is the best of the horor feature screenplay, plus the March 1st Scene screenplay winners.

Here are the details of the screenplays that will be performed.

#1 – Feature Screenplay – MOTHS TO FLAME by Fredric Maffei

Genre: Supernatural, Horror, Thriller


When a sexy young couple are teased, tricked, and seduced by an older man more predator than human and it’s all they can do to survive him, one will but one won’t

#2 – 1st Scene Screenplay – BEFORE GOD by Stuart Wright

Genre: Psychological Thriller


After surviving a suicide attempt, a troubled pastor is tormented by visions of a 12 Year Old Boy that force him to confront a suppressed childhood memory.

#3 – 1st Scene Screenplay – RENAISSANCE MAN by Robert Tolz

Genre: Drama, Romance


A humble renaissance fair actress with working-class values meets the man of her dreams – whom she believes to be a fool, but who turns out to be a prince… or rather, a massive multinational corporate CEO. And her boss.

#4 – 1st Scene Screenplay – ELISSA OF TYRE by Alan Mehanna

Genre: History, Drama, Fantasy


TYRE 820 BC – the death of the king causes ripples within the city as politics take over and the citizens fight over who between his two heirs should take the throne in his place. This is the origin story of Elissa, Princess of Tyre and how she rose to become the legendary Phoenician Queen

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