Writing Festival Announces its June 2016 Winning Best Scene Screenplay Readings

Watch the 7 Winning Best Scene Screenplay Readings from June 2016. All screenplays performed by professional actors. CLICK the links and get to know the writers.

#1 – Best Scene Screenplay: AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT by Philip Naiman


Genre: Comedy


After being saddled with the care of a niece he has never met a gambler’s life becomes further complicated when he is unable to pay off his kid brother’s bad debt to a Vegas hood.

#2 – Best Scene Screenplay: QUEST FOR MIHTE LUGH by Ray Whittinger


Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Fantasy


Jack was thought a dreamer and a fool, until he was abducted into the Balor’s wintery kingdom. Through trial and wit he is recognised as the prophesied Fairy King returning to revive the world.

#3 – Best Scene Screenplay: SEED OF THE WOMAN by Gary R. Billings


Genre: Bible Drama, Unconventional Love Story, Family


A Bible-drama love story in which Eve, as the “helper”, leads a resistance movement against a world being taken over by evil.

#4 – Best Scene Screenplay: THE MESSIAH PROJECT, by David E. Baugnon

Best Scene TV Screenplay: THE MESSIAH PROJECT, by David E. Baugnon

Genre: TV Pilot, Drama, War


Hour long TV Pilot transcript reading. Scene begins as Bruce wakes up in the hospital not to happy about what has just transpired.

#5 – Best Scene from FOR ALL MANKIND by Matthew O’Connell

BEST SCENE from FOR ALL MANKIND by Matthew O’Connell

Genre: Adventure, Sci-Fi

Synopsis: In this high concept, atomic-era, sci-fi adventure, a brilliant WWII veteran and his determined daughter lead a team of mercenaries across the globe in a race to recover a mysterious, supernatural artifact with the power to permanently alter the future of humanity.

#6 – Best Scene from LONG IN THE TOOTH, by Mark Wasserman

Horror Best Scene Screenplay Reading: LONG IN THE TOOTH, by Mark Wasserman

Genre: Horror, Drama

Synopsis: Lonesome, irritable widower Fred Pierce is a senior citizen with bad teeth who lives in a depressing retirement community in a small New England town. One evening, while conversing with his dead wife in the town cemetery he meets Goth kids Bo and Tana.

#7 – Best Scene from IX, by Eric Irizarry

Horror Best Scene Screenplay Reading from IX, by Eric Irizarry

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Synopsis: A group of kidnap victims endure a sick game by nine killers of a death cult: Leave the room and you die. Stay and live through the fear.


Director/Producer: Matthew Toffolo
Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne
Editor: John Johnson


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