June 26, 2016 – Writing Festival Details

This week’s writing festival is a showcase of the July 2016 winning feature screenplay, 1st scene winners, plus the readings of the best scene screenplay winners.

They will be performed by some of the top actors working in Toronto today.

Here are the details of the screenplays being performed:

#1. Feature Screenplay: The Charlottetown Jackhammer Imbroglio by Marc Lalonde

Genre: Farce (Screwball Comedy)

Synopsis: A former nun, a pornographer, a brain surgeon and a quadriplegic must band together in a common cause with a wannabe serial killer who really, really, really, REALLY likes his brother to foil an international conspiracy to take over the world.

#2. 1st Scene: CATCH! by Jerry Nield

Genre: Biography

Synopsis: Could David really defeat Goliath?

#3. 1st Scene: SENIOR PRANK by Shiv Sudhakar

Genre: Comedy

Synopsis: A group of cunning high school seniors must outwit their principal in order to pull off the ultimate senior class prank.

#4. 1st Scene: NINE SCARS by Kelly Crawford

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Thriller

Synopsis: A teen romance thriller that takes place in a world in which everyone has nine lives. In this world of nine lives, an aspiring football player must risk all of his lives to rescue his girlfriend from the ruthless leader of a gambling syndicate who’s trying to fix the college football championship game.

#5. Best Scene: DUE SOUTH by Evan Schullery

Genre: Animation, Family

Synopsis: A plump baby goose who can’t fly is left behind in Canada while his family migrates south.

#6. Best Scene: ELAN VITAL, TV PILOT by Maroun Rached

Genre: Fantasy, Crime, Thriller

Synopsis: The world in the 2050’s is split into democratic regimes and Elohite theocracies, states run by the clergy of a new extremist faith. Elohite specially trained agents infiltrate the US and commit terrorist attacks using paranormal powers. A team of local paranormals is recruited to stop them.

#7. Best Scene: EPIPHANY, by Despina Moraitou

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Thriller

Synopsis: Based on the Greek Christmas myth of the Kalikantzari

Cast List for Tonight: 


Go to http://www.wildsound.ca and submit your screenplay to the festival today. Full Feedback on all entries. Get your script performed by professional actors at the festival.

Director/Producer: Matthew Toffolo
Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne
Editor: John Johnson

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