Screenplay Festival: March 22, 2018 Event

An evening of the best of new feature and short screenplays.

FULL CAST LIST: Cassandra Sirois, Fabio Abreu, Dan Fox, Val Cole, Nick Wicht, James Murray, Vanessa Quaglaira

Winning Feature Screenplay – PREY FOR THE DAY, by Richard M. Kjeldgaard

Genre: Thriller/Suspense

An early 30’s couple is flown from California to Florida by a Real Estate Investor with an opportunity that appears too good to be true. Once they arrive the couple soon realizes they have fallen into the hands of a con man and his “Henchmen”. They are robbed, taken hostage and beaten as their journey to financial security soon becomes a fight for survival and terrifying encounters in an abandoned home development out in the middle of nowhere.


Tara: Cassandra Sirois
Billy: James Murray
Kathy: Vanessa Quaglaira
Narrator: Val Cole
John: Dan Fox
Miguel: Nick Wicht
Mendez: Fabio Abreu

CRIME 1st Scene Screenplay – INDIAN COUNTRY, by Troy Kelly

Genre: Crime, Drama

An up-and-coming white-collar defense lawyer gets caught up in a fraud scheme and must take on the pro bono defense of a Native American man facing the death penalty in order to restore his reputation.


Judge: Dan Fox
Prosecutor: James Murray
Narrator: Val Cole
Carter: Nick Wicht
Brandi: Cassandra Sirois

HISTORY 1st Scene Screenplay – SANDS OF LANIKAI, by Greg Blair

Genre: Historical Fiction

Before the first bombs were dropped on December 7th, 1941, two men arrived at different moments on the windward side of the island–in Kailua/Lanikai. One was bent on discovery; the other on destruction.


William Sands: James Murray
Paul Sands: Nick Wicht
Narrator: Val Cole
Isamu Anzai: Dan Fox
Takahashi: Fabio Abreu
Healani Lewis: Cassandra Sirois

DRAMA 1st Scene Screenplay – DISCORDANT, by Ferdinand W Gernandt

Genre: Drama, Thriller

A teenager tracks down a famous composer whose unorthodox methods will unlock award-winning compositions from his twin sister, not knowing he kills his students and steals their music for his own stardom.


Tall Guy: James Murray
Mila: Cassandra Sirois
Narrator: Val Cole
Casey: Fabio Abreu
Cashier: Nick Wicht

HORROR 1st Scene Screenplay – FEAR THE DOPPELGANGER, by Jonah Jones

Genre: Horror, Thriller

The plot involves the lives of two versions of the same man who made a different decision years previously. As the story progresses, they both learn about the legend that if you meet your doppelganger, you will die.


Linda: Cassandra Sirois
Pamela: Vanessa Quaglaira
Narrator: Val Cole
Michael: James Murray
Phil: Nick Wicht

Winning Short Screenplay – IN THE WOODS, by Rachel Greenhoe

Genre: Fantasy, Family

Two little girls go searching for fairies with there strange, older cousin.


Watson: James Murray
Polly: Vanessa Quaglaira
Narrator:  Sean Ballantyne
Maggie: Val Cole
Lucy: Cassandra Sirois

FAMILY Winning Short Screenplay – SEEKER, by Kaitlyn Kowalski

Genre: Family, Drama

A young girl struggles between helping her family, and doing the right thing.


Harry: Fabio Abreu
Jasmine: Vanessa Quaglaira
Narrator: Dan Fox
Maria:Val Cole
Gretchen: Cassandra Sirois
Dale: James Murray

SCI-FI SHORT Screenplay – RAY IN SPACE, by John Celona

Genre: Sci-Fi,

Extraterrestrials stranded on Earth live in people’s pools.


Crosby: James Murray
Narrator: Val Cole
Ray: Fabio Abreu
Vikki: Vanessa Quaglaira

Colonel: Nick Wicht

ACTION Best Scene Screenplay – THE SHROUD TRINITY, by Frank McEvoy

Genre: Action, Adventure

The script centers on a theft of the Shroud of Turin, Christ’s burial cloth. The Shroud is exhibited at the National Gallery of Art and stolen in a brazen, violent daylight robbery during the exhibit preparation. Happily, a trio of local heroes rises who gets it back.


Greg: Dan Fox
Bart: Fabio Abreu
Narrator: Val Cole
Sister Eleanor: Vanessa Quaglaira
Redwine: Nick Wicht
Mary Margaret: Cassandra Sirois

FEMALE Festival Best Scene Screenplay – RETURN TO FREEDOM, by Bristol Mac Donald

Genre: Drama

Emma Wilson, a timid young woman escapes a violently abusive relationship and with nowhere else to go, returns to her family’s remote horse ranch where she must face her brother Frank, a volatile bully and the reason she left home years ago.


Jack: Fabio Abreu
Emma: Vanessa Quaglaira
Narrator: Dan Fox
Rex: James Murray
Odeda: Val Cole
Carmen: Cassandra Sirois

SCI-FI Best Scene Screenplay – WILD MIND, by Fujio Torikai

Genre: Sci-Fi, Thrilelr

In the year 20XX, a town regarded as a so-called “paradise for the disabled” is realized through the use of a cell-phone application. However the origins of that town lay in the misappropriation of a large-scale scientific experiment.


Man: Dan Fox
Kate: Cassandra Sirois
Narrator: Val Cole
Patrick: Fabio Abreu
Watson: James Murray


Producer: Matthew Toffolo

Director: Matthew Toffolo

Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne

Editor: Kimberly Villarruel

Camera Op: Mary Cox

By WILDsound Festival

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