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See the best of HISTORY Stories from the Festival (January-June 2016)

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ACTORFeature Screenplay – CATCH THE DEVIL
April 2016 Reading
Written by Martin Blinder
ACTOR1st Scene Screenplay – ELISSA OF TYRE
March 2016 Reading
Written by Alan Mehanna
March 2016 Reading
Written by James M. Freeman

festival posterOH MY OH AGAMI

4min, Egypt, Documentary/Poetry
ACTORNovel 1st Chapter Reading – MYSTIC VILLAGE
April 2016 Reading
Written by Jeannine Fortier
May 2016 Reading
Written by Mark S. MacDonald, Darsey Meredith

Director/Producer: Matthew Toffolo

Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne

Editor: John Johnson

Two Lovers in Sweden, Poetry by Karly Noelle Bacci

Genre: Love, romance, persecution, historical

Two Lovers in Sweden
by Karly Noelle Bacci

You told me tales of Sweden
A land far from my own
a life fulfilling nature’s worth
with love that in gilded forests grow
and to the morrow we shall face our fate
our one last meeting, of eternal embrace.

We embrace the dawn as Mother Nature intended
We have been taken into graceful Sweden’s palms
Tis not our fate’s will to be rejected
In this land far from our own
for our love’s true essence binds us
and by Nature’s doing we’ve been sewn

In our hearts we feel nature’s swift pulse
our minds are embraced by her warm kiss
a love that mainly few will ever know
Righteous Sweden you are our refuge that permits
two runaway lover’s solace in a land far from their own
Fate has dealt me you, and in you I find my home

In fate’s blissful abode we do dwell
a private passage nature doth command
violent fears of an unfamiliar land we easily quell
humbly embracing all our hearts can understand
To Sweden we surrender our souls which can foretell
a love that sustained a distance in it’s time quite well

In Love, life doth limit length
While fate can be a faint fever in faith
Our Dear Sweden that’s suckled our strength
hath finally introduced us to nature’s nimble wraith
whom kindly sought to guide us through this world’s harsh embrace
On forward! To a new land we haven’t the time to waste

This new land we tread lies quite still beneath our feet
Though our love is being chased by the footmen and the fleet
Embrace me lover, oh one last time our lips shall meet
Fate hath become our fallen friend now
Nature’s true guise slowly hath been unveiled
Let us remember our glorious days in Sweden, for they will forever prevail

Fate hath chased us down now
In nature’s fruitful bed we shall lie
Our last glimpses of Sweden, shall always be her sky

* * * * *
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