Get to know Editor Tia Nolan (How to be Single, Friends with Benefits)

Interview with Editor Tia Nolan (How to be Single, Friends with Benefits)

– Chatting with Tia Nolan about the craft of editing was a pure joy. Her recent credits include: How to be Single (2016), Angie Tribeca season 2 (2016), Annie (2014), Friends with Benefits (2011), The Woman (2008), and Bewitched (2005). She is a wealth of knowledge in the art of making a great comedy – as you’ll learn in his interview. Enjoy!

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PHOTO: Rashida Jones stars in “Angie Tribeca” TV show. Tia edits all of their episodes:


Matthew Toffolo: What film that you’ve worked on has been your most valuable experience?

TN: That’s a hard question to answer. As an overall answer, I’d say any film I worked on with Richard Marks, my mentor, because he really taught me how to look at a film and make it great. If I were to pick one film that was the most valuable, I’d say FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS.


Get to know Captain America Cinematographer Trent Opaloch

rent Opaloch is easily the most talented and sought after cinematographers in the world today. He has DP’d for director Neil Blomkamp  on “District 9”, “Elysium”, and “Chappie”,  and director’s Anthony & Joe Russo on “Captain America: Winter Soldier”, and the upcoming “Captain America: Civil War”. It was an honor to sit down with him to chat about his career and the art of cinematography.

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On Shooting the Captain America films:

It’s funny because I never really planned on ever shooting anything like that but I loved the creative approach that the Russo’s had for the film. Our whole thing was to take the edge off the genre of it all by basing it in reality as much as we could. I really liked the idea of shooting the film like a 70’s conspiracy thriller to ground the whole thing a bit. We referenced films like “Marathon Man” & “The Three Days of The Condor” early in prep.

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Get to know the Composing team of The Newton Brothers (Ouija: 2, The Runner)

What a great time I had chatting with the extremely talented Newton Brothers (Andrew Grush & Taylor Stewart). A composing team that has already “scored” an impressive resume. I talked with them while they were in the midst of promoting their composing work on the horror film “Ouija: Origin of Evil.”


On what they are looking for in a director: 

We welcome as much input as possible from the director. Getting to know what they want to relay what they want to give the audience. Whether that’s a two note score, or a very detailed score with many counter points. We want to work on the story with them and interject our talent onto the film.

The more that director gives us, the better it is for us.

LIST of COMPOSING Credits from the last 3 years: 

Conventional (Short)
Chasing Life (TV Series) (10 episodes)

King Ripple (Short)
Coward (Short)
The Listing (Short)
Courtside (TV Series) (6 episodes)

The Man in the Can (Documentary short)

Today’s Interviews: Best of Industry Interviews

Featuring the best of movie interviews on a daily basis:

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Interview with Sound Editor Piero Mura (The Accountant, 500 Days of Summer)Piero Mura has worked in the sound department on over 100 films in the last 25+ years. His list of credits include Ben Hur, Fast & Furious 6, Skyfall, Warrior, War of the Worlds, and Training Day to name a few. It was an honor talking to him about his career and sound in general.

Interview with Composer Henry Jackman (Birth of a Nation, Captain America 2 & 3): Henry’s list of credits is already legendary, and he’s just getting started. He has composed Captain America 2 & 3, X-Men: First Class, Kinsman 1 & 2, and the upcoming Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, just to name a few. And I didn’t even mentioned his Animation movie composing (Go to hisimdb profile).

Interview with Director Marc-Andre Morissette (20:15)20:15, the award winning short film directed by Marc-Andre Morissette at the WILDsound Best of Sci-Fi/Fantasy Short Film Festival in September 2016.

Interview with Director Kirill Proskura (A SHADOW OF DARA): A SHADOW OF DARA, the award winning short film directed by Kirill Proskura played at the WILDsound Best of Sci-Fi/Fantasy Short Film Festival in September 2016.

Interview with Director Michael Brims (THE SOUNDS OF STREET VENDORS): Michael Brims’ short film THE SOUNDS OF STREET VENDORS played to rave reviews at the September 2016 DOCUMENTARY film festival. It was the winner of Best Music at the festival. This was the first ever film that was from Cuba that played at the festival.

Interview with Director Brooke Goldfinch (RED ROVER): Brooke Goldfinch’s short film RED ROVER played at the Sci-Fi Short Film Festival in September 2016 to amazing success.

Interview with Sound Mixer Tony Dawe (Return of the Jedi, Alice in Wonderland, Troy): Tony Dawe has definitely witnessed a lot of things doing on sound, working on over 120 productions in the last 40 years. It was an honor to interview him about the craft of sound mixing on set and preparing the post-production sound department.

Interview with Stunt Performer Lisa Dempsey (Titanic, Sully, Minority Report): What an honor to chat with one of the most regarded stunt performers in the industry today. Lisa Dempsey has worked on over 100 productions in the last 25+ years. Her answers are a wealth of knowledge for film fans and people interested in working in the Film & TV industry.

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Interview with Festival Director Joseph Kephart (Wait A Minute Film Festival)

The WAM (Wait-a-Minute) Film Competition and Festival started in 2013. It is part of the Tacoma Filmmakers group. You can find them at as well as Facebook.  They are here to help the community as well as facilitate contacts to help filmmakers. They look forward to partnering with companies to assist the needs of … Continue reading

Interview with Festival Director Danny MAlin (YES! Let’s make a Movie Film Festival)

This festival aims to bring together all corners of the globe to share passion of filmmakers. Interview with Festival Director Danny MAlin  Matthew Toffolo: What is your Film Festival succeeding at doing for filmmakers? -We are a platform geared towards our local community getting an opportunity to share their work infront of their peers. We … Continue reading

Interview with Festival Director Jon Mercurio Knight (Wasteland Film Festival)

The Wasteland Film Festival is entering its fifth year and only growing bigger. The highlight short films with especially post-apocalyptic subject matter and, in addition, alternative films displaying a certain character right at home in the post nuke society. Films meeting certain criteria will be screened as part of the competition, others will simply be … Continue reading

Interview with Festival Director Moosa Saleem (Access Code Short Film Festival)

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Interview with Festival Director Michael Harrington (Wandering Reel Traveling Film Festival)

Wandering Reel is a traveling short film festival with a focus on bringing meaningful films to communities with limited or no access to compassionate, thought-provoking cinema. We strive to engage our audiences in deeper conversation about the role of cinema, and how films can relate to community, conscious living, and contribute to making the world … Continue reading

Interview with Festival Director Anamika Raj (GardenCity Film Festival)

I am Anamika Raj and I am a graphic designer by profession and have produced 2 feature indies. GardenCity Film Festival is one of the most appreciated in the country by several critics. It’s main focus is student and female filmmakers from around the world. We are happy to introduce the local audience to a … Continue reading

Interview with Festival Director Craig Higgins (Norwich Film Festival)

The Norwich Film Festival is now preparing for it’s sixth year (2016). They have an amazing array of celebrity patrons and judges (including Bernard Hill, Tim McInnerny, Olivia Colman and Martin Walsh) who are all eager to watch your films and read your screenplays. The people of Norwich are also committed to supporting artists of all … Continue reading

Interview with Festival Director Elena Ringo (Vienna Independent Film Festival)

VIFF Vienna Independent Film Festival invites filmmakers from all over the world to submit their films to their international film festival which takes place in Vienna.  The goal of our festival is to find new talented filmmakers who will be able to approach the heights of cinematography created by geniuses like Antonioni, Fellini, Tarkovsky, Bergman, Visconti, … Continue reading

Interview with Festival Director Joseph Hardin (HorrorQuest Film Festival)

HorrorQuest Film Festival is the worlds only 100% free Horror film festival. Held each year at Cinefest Film Theatre, located on the Georgia State University campus, HorrorQuest has no set submission fee. All HorrorQuest screenings and events are free and open to the public on a first come, first served, basis. Named one of the …Continue reading


Read best of Interviews with Professional Sound Designers and Composers in the Industry

Go to and read many interviews with professional in film and TV. 

CLICK the links and best the best of interviews from the world of sound and music in film:

Interview with Composer David Buckley (The Good Wife, The Town)

With the demands of modern film-making, it’s not always easy to physically sit in the room with a director as he/she will have many things to deal with other than music. When there is a moment, I think it’s important to try and absorb as much information one can from the director or any other film maker. Not just specific things but bigger picture issues too. Learning what they know and what they have experienced (be it on the movie, or life in general), will presumably help deliver a score that is to their liking.

Interview with Sound Editor Piero Mura (The Accountant, 500 Days of Summer)

Everything in post-production changed in the last twenty years. I believe that they were positive changes. Today the line between mixing and editing is not as well defined as it used to be. Quite a few sound editors now seat behind the faders and a number of mixers do not hesitate to do sound design or supervise.

Interview with Composer Henry Jackman (Birth of a Nation, Captain America 2 & 3)

The future is always a guess. If you go back 30 years in music in film, the tolerance then is different than it is today. There is more variety in music in film today. Film scores are now a broad church. Producers are less freaked out by a wide score of music composed in a film. People now listen to a wider range of music so in relation there is more freedom for the composer to add a wider range. So the future is probably going to simply go wider as access to all kinds of music that people listen to become less judgemental.

Interview with Composer/Vocalist Dominic Lewis (Money Monster, Batman v Superman)

We are already hugely reliant on technology in film scoring. There aren’t many left who have a VHS watch and some manuscript. Everything is done on computers and the way things are going I think we are only going to rely on them more. Samples are getting better, computers faster it’s a natural progression in my book.

Interview with Sound Effects Editor Matt Snedecor (Revolutionary Road, The Jinx)

Effects editors are responsible for building the entire sonic environment for a film, everything from backgrounds to the sync effects we see on screen. The majority (90% and up) of the sounds heard in film are added by editors. But it’s more than just see car, hear car. We also need to come up with sounds that identify with characters or moods or that tell stories without the audience having to see something on screen to know what’s happening. There’s also sound design moments we need to build, tonal ideas that aren’t so much real world effects, but act more like music for setting up emotions that need to be conveyed.

Interview with Emmy Winning Sound Designer Andy Kennedy (Band of Brothers, Generation Kill)

There is a spotting session – normally with the editor and director somewhere near the final cut which involves understanding the intentions of the material. Any narrative information that the sound can bring to the final process and the setting. There is generally a lot of discussion about dialogue – quality and intelligibility and whether to ADR or not. Some directors prefer original performance. So, capturing the dialogue places a lot of pressure on the production sound mixer. For me, what we do in sound is generally a collaborative process and as technicians we all try to get the best from the material.

Interview with Music Editor/Composer John M. Davis (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies)

Working on a musical is the best.  “Black Nativity” was a film that almost no one saw, but I was on the set every day during the shoot, and I was involved in the entire post-production.  Nothing is better than having Jennifer Hudson in a church singing her heart out, capturing her live performance and using that in the final mix.  There were a lot of technical challenges involving playback, using earwigs (tiny radio controlled ear pieces), microphones hidden in her hair.  Then there was the tap dancing, the modern dance, choirs, the works! “The Producers” was also fun, especially when we could use the singing recorded on set and not the pre-records.

Interview with Foley Artist Marko Costanzo (Silence of the Lambs, The Departed, Life of Pi)

There are many great foley artist out there. I have worked with truly talented individuals that have amazed me with their abilities. To be a great foley artist I believe one must have relatively good reflexes. Eye-hand coordination is key to making a sound believable. Many times a sound can be perceived as correct if the sync is perfect.

Interview with Kami Asgar, Oscar Nominated Sound Editor

You spend so much time with every film that they are so much a part of you. There is moments in every film that challenge you, and you have to creatively find a way to overcome them. So there is moments that make you proud to have worked on. But as an entire package my personal favorite sound job is The Passion of the Christ. We spent almost nine months working on creating that world through sound.

Read Festival Director Interviews from Festivals in California

Interviews by Matthew Toffolo. 

Interview with Festival Director Lynn M. Holley (Fine Arts Film Festival Santa Barbara)

The Fine Arts Film Festival premiered in Santa Barbara, California in 2010; it then occurred as a film festival in Venice, CA in 2015. In 2016 it will explode as an International Fine Arts Film Festival full of shorts plus a few full length features back in fabulous Santa Barbara, California!

Interview with Festival Director Shari Carlson (Best Actors Film Festival)

Held in the San Francisco, California Union Square District. A tribute to the performers and directors of your film. Best Actors Film Festival is created to entice film makers to reward the performers in their film in a way that truly acknowledges their work.

Interview with Festival Director Christina Wilkinson (ITSA Film Festival)

The 7th Annual ITSA Film Festival takes place in Sonora, California in the heart of Gold Country the second Friday, Saturday and Sunday of November 2016. Run entirely by volunteers, ITSA Film Festival is dedicated to creating a wider audience and a greater awareness for all filmmakers, especially up-and-coming and students.

Interview with Festival Director Juri Koll (Fine Arts Film Festival)

The location for the screenings is the historic Beyond Baroque Theater in Venice, California, long renowned as a hub of creative endeavor in Los Angeles, and Southern California in general. You will meet exceptionally creative filmmakers, artists, musicians and literary artists of all kinds, along with your usual film crowd, as many of the filmmakers who work in the studios and independent productions houses live and also work in Venice. Plus it’s a block or two from the world famous Boardwalk and the beach, so there’s plenty to do after you’ve seen the films!

Interview with Creative Director Sami Kriegstein (Los Angeles Music Video Festival)

The Los Angeles Music Video Festival (LAMVF) exists to celebrate the art of the music video and to bring together the independent music and independent film communities of Los Angeles and beyond. We hope to encourage and promote the development of independent music video producers and their audience.

Interview with Festival Director Mark Mos (Los Angeles Short Film Festival)

First 2 minutes of the film is very important. I guess festivals want to see some professional skills, even if film is submitted by student. If your actress reads script in her mind and her work is terrible, festival judges will not suffer for rest of the film. Directing might be good, cinematography brilliant, but if you actor is terrible then whole project you may considered trash. I know it’s heavy, but you do the same while watching TV…you skip channels to see something interesting. I guess judges go to another film if yours is not interesting or not well done.

Interview with Pat Battistini, Festival Director for All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival

The “All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival” was established in 2009 by Pat Battistini. The first year of the festival was held on one day and screened thirteen films. Since then, the festival has blossomed into a three-day event screening an average of seventy films.

Interview with Larry Laboe, Executive Director, NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA)

Founded in 2007, the non-profit 501(c)3 organization NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA) has established itself as a strong gathering place for cinema with over 60,000 subscribers in the Los Angeles community, screening 950+ films from over 57 countries. In addition to fostering the advancement of emerging filmmakers and our members in Los Angeles.

Interview with Festival Co-Director Maria Nicolacakis (San Francisco Greek Film Festival)

2016 marks our 13th year. Every year, we strive to present a diverse selection of current feature films, shorts, and documentaries. This means different genres and themes, as well as different budgets. Some of the films we show have well known actors, directors and producers, and a bigger budget, while others (most of them) are on a shoestring budget with up and coming names.

Interview with Festival Director Allen Myers (The Earth Day Film Festival)

The Earth Day Film Festival is a platform to showcase art and film projects of an Earth sensitive population. Our film festival runs entirely on Clean Energy with Zero Waste goals, holding film screenings around the world on Earth Day and throwing fat festival full good earth love and mind expansion in San Francisco.

Interview with Festival Coordinator Emily Smith Beitiks (Superfest: International Disability Film Festival)

Superfest: International Disability Film Festival is a showcase of juried films held in the San Francisco Bay Area. For nearly 30 years, this annual competition has celebrated cutting-edge cinema that portrays disability in all its diverse, complex, and empowering facets. We are proud to be the longest running disability film festival in the world.