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A showcase of 39 short films in total from six festivals in Los Angeles & Toronto for December 2018.


festival posterONCE A CHEATER, 4min., Belgium, Music Video

festival posterLITEFEET TOKYO, 3min., Japan, Music Video

festival posterJEAN-PIERRE, 5min., France, Music Video

festival posterKCPK – THE END, 6min., France, Music Video

festival posterCOOK – EL MANIJAZO, 6min., Argentina, Music Video

festival posterSILENT SCREAMS, 8min., Costa Rica, Experimental

festival posterMAURA, 13min., Cuba, Dance

festival posterBOOKANIMA: DANCE, 7min., South Korea, Dance

festival posterFRICKE-TICKE, 7min., Germany, Dance

festival posterSTOPGAP IN STOP MOTION, 5min., UK, Dance

festival posterFORMS, 3min., South Africa, Dance

festival posterGREY MATTER, 3min., Canada, Dance

festival posterA PIACERE, 7min, USA, Drama

festival posterCASEY, 6min., USA, Drama

festival posterSTOLEN, 5min., USA, Drama/Crime

festival posterMISCREANT, 10min., Crime/Thriller

festival posterI’LL BE FINE, 3min., USA, Drama

festival posterTOM IN COUCHLAND, 2min., USA, Animation/Comedy

festival posterTHE ONE THAT ROLLED AWAY, 6min., USA, Comedy

festival posterI GOT A CALLBACK, 15min., USA, Comedy

festival posterWRITER’S WORKSHOP, 11min., USA, Comedy

festival posterMURDER IN THE CAT HOUSE, 4min., USA, Comedy

festival posterSEX BOMB, 3min., USA, Comedy

UNCLE GRIOT, 5min., UK, Fantasy/Animation
Audience FEEDBACK Video of the Short Film

TABULA RASA, 9min., USA, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Audience FEEDBACK Video of the Short Film

MR. E, P.I., 14min., USA, Sci-Fi/Mystery
Audience FEEDBACK Video of the Short Film

A P E X, 4min., UK, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Audience FEEDBACK Video of the Short Film

GALMI, 5min., USA, Sci-Fi
Audience FEEDBACK Video of the Short Film

FAEW, 7min., Canada, Animation, Sci-Fi
Audience FEEDBACK Video of the Short Film

PRENATAL, 10min., USA, Fantasy
Audience FEEDBACK Video of the Short Film

JASPER, 21min., USA, Sci-Fi
Audience FEEDBACK Video of the Short Film

Löffel, 21min., Germany, Drama
Audience FEEDBACK Video of the Short Film

Audience FEEDBACK Video of the Short Film

EULOGY FOR DENIS K., 12min., Russia, Comedy
Audience FEEDBACK Video of the Short Film

MAXWELL’S DEMON, 21min., Brazil, Drama/Family
Audience FEEDBACK Video of the Short Film

LOLA, 25min., USA, Drama, Coming of Age
Audience FEEDBACK Video of the Short Film


Writing Festival Presents: 1pg. Screenplay & 1pg. Short Story Contest. Guarantee Winners!

Wanted to offer you a chance to submit either a 1 page screenplay, and/or a 1 page short story to the festival. As long as there is a beginning/middle/end, there is a 100% chance that we’ll have it performed at our festival using our rotation of professional actors. We love to get your work performed and this is a fun way to do it right away.

If you’re interested, you can simply submit here:

1pg. Screenplay Contest:

1pg. Short Story Contest:

We’ll note that you are a connection with us and greenlight your work right away for a performance read. Then as soon as it’s posted online, we’ll send you a link.

There is also a chance for you to have a transcript of your novel performed by a professional actor too:

Watch Audience Feedback Video for the Short Film VALOR CAT

VALOR CAT was shown at the July 30 2015 WILDsound FEEDBACK Film Festival in downtown Toronto, Canada. Short Film Comic Book/Musical/Opera/Action/Animation from the United States.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK of VALOR CAT:

Reactions from the Audience for VALOR CAT:

“This film brought out the 8 year old in me and I loved it!”

“This film was really, really funny. I can always go back and think about this film and laugh.”

“Does that guy have any more stuff – he’s awesome!”

The film was directed by Benjamin Reicher


Valor Cat (secretly mayor Mark Bristle) is the hero of Valor City. John Sci is Valor Cat’s best friend and the man who gave him his powers. Burmac is a robot that Valor Cat thought he killed. He has recently repaired himself and is planning to take down Valor Cat with the only thing that could possibly stop him.

    * * * * *

Deadline FEEDBACK Toronto Film Festival:

– FULL FEEDBACK on your film from the audience. Garner an audience feedback video on your film.

Today’s Writing Festival Testimonials

Read testimonials of recent submitted works and their reactions to the feedback they have received from the festival:

Submit your Screenplay or Story (Novel, Short Story) to the festival today for FEEDBACK, plus get it performed at the festival by professional actors:

I appreciate you taking the time to give me a good insight into the next steps and tweaking I need to work on.

– Lois Terrans, TV Spec Screenplay (Supernatural)

Thank you so much for this feedback-I have read it and look forward to really making time to consider all these points and suggestions-I appreciate the detail and your staff’s thoughts on improvements..

– Lisa Sniderman, Stage Play (What Dreams Are Made Of)

A note to let you know that I thought your review of “Unconditional Love” was right on. Thanks for the encouragement regarding the basics of the thesis. Also, your comments about the weak points were well make.

– Chet Shupe, Unconditional Love, Short Story
Thanks for the feedback! Very helpful advice for my next draft.

– Ryan Feldman, Girls, TV Spec Screenplay
I just wanted to say THANKS for the feedback. It was very specific, detailed and makes a lot of sense. It helped me to consider a lot of what I hadn’t considered before. I really do appreciate the time you took to prepare this and I feel this was money well-spent. I will continue to work on this and send to you again in the near future. Thanks again.

– Robert People, First Lady, TV Pilot
Appreciate the feedback. Thank you for the fast response!

– Cole Folwer, Masters of Sex, TV Spec Screenplay
Thank you for the feedback. I will take the notes into consideration for future drafts.

– Genevieve Heineman, SOL, TV PILOT
Thank you for the detailed feedback. Whoever did this feedback is a caring person with heart!

– Doris B. Gill, Rembrandt and the Seedlings, Feature Script
Thank you for this helpful feedback. I will follow your suggestions.

– Bonnie Toews, Split-Second Start, 1st Scene Script
Thanks for your feedback, you don’t know how much it means to me, I agree with you on the points that need to be changed, but I’d like to add that the Kuwaiti family are not going to stay in the series for two long, they are just there for two more episodes that’s all, and the reason why is that Mubarak will be murdered and David Cortiez is his soon, so he goes to Kuwait to investigate what really happened and finds the killer.

– Asim Abraham, Blood Brothers, Feature Script
Thank you so much for your critique. I really appreciate it!

– Linda Collison, Looking for Redfeather, Play
Many, many thanks to those of you who vetted my book, THE PITS. All its short comings were expertly noted and I have taken your comments and advice on board

– Greg Smith, The Pits, Novel
Thanks so much for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I will definitely take this advice and keep improving the script.

– Jason Mageras, Parks and Recreation, TV Spec
Thank you so much for your feedback for my story ‘The Killing of Freddie Foster’. That’s a great critique and will definitely makes some changes.

– Kerin Freeman, The Killing of Freddie Foster, Novel
Thank you so much for your feedback; it is very appreciated.

– Melody Stewart, Indigo, Feature Screenplay
I appreciate the constructive criticism of the reader and the respect for what the play is and not attempting to turn it into something it is not.

– E. Thomalen, Hecuba, Play
Thanks so much for your feedback. Excellent notes.

– John Alarid, Kodak Moments, TV PILOT
Thank you for the wonderfully insightful feedback. I’m elated to hear Heart of Fire has such potential.

– Brittany Arrington, Heart of Fire, Feature Script
First, thank you for your efforts and the interest you have shown. I appreciate your help.

– James Lillie, Fagan’s War, Feature Script
Thank you SO, SO, SO much for your feedback. I am not a “writer” by trade, so this was absolutely fantastic to read.

– Lonny Anger, Frank and Bruno, TV PILOT
Thanks for the feedback. I’m definitely taking all your notes into consideration. I appreciate every single comment.

– Ruben Diaz, Mystery Road, 1st Scene Screenplay
Thank you! I find your comments extremely helpful and I look forward to a re-write and resubmission.

– Taylor Albertson, 29.0, Short Screenplay
I must commend you for your brilliant feedback. I’ve received a couple of feedbacks in the past, and have taken care of most story problems that you raised. But no one had pointed out the issues your team raised in the fourth paragraph. Which is right on point. And raises valid questions that need answers.

– Chidi Ezeibieli, Inhuman Nature, 1st Scene Screenplay
As usual, totally impressed by, and very appreciative of, the below critique! Thank you so much and I will work on the edits you speak of in my next draft.

– Michael Zamanis, Drive-Thru, Feature Screenplay
Many thanks for the feedback, it’s very helpful! I will have another look at it and implement some improvements.

– Virginia Burges, The Virtuoso, Novel
Thank you for the very informative feedback. I really appreciate the diverse perspective that was given. Again, thank you.

– Jamison Derfler, God’s Will, Feature Screenplay
Awesome feedback! Thank you so much for the time and effort that was put into reading my script and delivering these constructive notes.

– Matt O’Connor, Bad Madison, TV PILOT
These notes are extremely helpful. I appreciate the time / effort your team put into it! Will get to work..

– Adam Wright, Treasured Ones, TV PILOT
Thank you so much for the very helpful feedback!

– JR, Not Another Vampire Story, Feature Script
Thanks very much for the feedback!! It was a bit brutal to read. But thanks again very much!! Now I have a bit more direction and certainly got more than my moneys worth. I’ll use this service again for sure!

– Jeremy Jagusch, Last 30 Days, Feature Script