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Stage Play Reading – TWO MERCHANTS OF VENICE by Stephen M Hunt

Watch the August 2016 Winning Stage Play Winner.




NARRATOR – Becky Shrimpton
SHYLOCK – Lorne_Hiro
PORTIA – Susan Wilson
ANTONIO – Stephen Flett
BASSANIO – David Strauss
GRATIANO – Rais Muoi
JESSICA/SOPHIE – Victoria Urquhart

Get to know the winning writer:

1. What is your stage play about?

Two Merchants is a radical adaptation of The Merchant of Venice

2. Why should this play be produced?

This adaptation is unique and groundbreaking because switching around the lines of the original delivers a story with real bite for 21st century audiences that deals with feminism, anti-Semitism and homophobia.

3. How would you describe this play in two words?

Promotes inclusiveness.

4. What TV show do you keep watching over and over again?

“Lie To Me” starring Tim Roth.

5. How long have you been working on this play?

I wrote the first version in 1998 and have striven ever since to improve it.

6. How many stories have you written?

6 plays, 5 feature screenplays and 10 short screenplays.

7. What motivated you to write this play?

I’ve seen many productions (films and stage plays) of The Merchant of Venice and found them all hugely dissatisfying because they’re always an Elizabethan mish-mash of not very funny comedy that clashes with crucially important social themes.

8. What obstacles did you face to finish this play?

The biggest and most enjoyable challenge was an extremely close study of The Merchant of Venice to select lines that I could take from one character and give to another to tell a seamless, familiar yet radically different story.

9. Apart from writing, what else are you passionate about?


10. What influenced you to enter the festival? What were your feelings on the initial feedback you received?

Not every piece I’ve submitted to WildSound has met with their ecstatic acclaim but their inspirational feedback has been really beneficial. Consequently, they’ve produced for me readings of (1) this Shakespeare adaptation, (2) a short WWII screenplay, (3) a short screenplay about Death falling in love and (4) a one-page comedy screenplay.

11. Any advice or tips you’d like to pass on to other writers?

Enter competitions like WildSound that will put your work “out there”. After the WildSound reading of my fantasy about Death falling in love, that screenplay was selected for production and begins filming on location in Maine, later this year.


Director/Producer: Matthew Toffolo http://www.matthewtoffolo.com

Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne

Editor: John Johnson

7 Questions with Best Scene TV Writer Jason Reeves

Today let’s get to know writer Jason Reeves. WILDsound just performed the best scene from his TV PILOT screenplay A THEATRE NEAR YOU.

Watch the reading of this best scene:


NARRATOR – Susan Wilson
DANNY – Neil Kulin
CILLIAN – Adam McNamara
SABRINA – Kerstin Bradler
STELLA – Val Cole
MARIA – Melinda Michael

7 Questions with the Writer:

1. What is your TV PILOT screenplay about?

A Theatre Near You is about Danny Stright, an associate manager of a movie theatre, who transfers from a theatre he’s been at way too long to another in hopes for a promotion. When at this new theatre, he finds out the possible promotion was a ploy to get him to transfer to a theatre in need of help before the upcoming winter season.

2. How should this script be made into a TV show?

Clerks was a movie about working at a convenience store. Waiting was about working in a restaurant. I thought it would be cool to write a movie about life working at a movie theatre. After writing a draft of a feature, I thought there could be more to it. New movies are released every week. Why not have weekly shows about what goes on in that environment?

3. What is your all-time favorite TV show?

I can’t say I have an all-time favorite show, but Doctor Who and Sherlock have brilliant minds writing for them and Firefly was great while it lasted. Over the years I’ve watched so many shows that were entertaining, some half hour and others hour long shows, but I can’t think of just one to take the top.

4. What movie have you seen the most in your life?

This is another difficult question. I can’t say there’s a movie that I’ve seen more than another, but some of top movies include: Jaws, Memento, Mallrats, The Dark Knight, and Skyfall.

5. What artists would you love to work with?

Kevin Smith, Christopher Nolan, Steven Spielberg, David Fincher, and James Cameron are a few off the top of my head.

6. What influenced you to enter the WILDsound Script Contest?

I did some research into different contests and WILDsound had the best turnaround time for getting feedback of the ones I looked into. The feedback has helped with several of my projects.

7. Any advice or tips you’d like to pass on to other writers?

Don’t stick to one project for four years of rewrites. Write a draft, fix it a few times and move on to something different. Try something new each time, like a different genre. Challenge yourself. If and when you read a piece of your work and there’s a moment where you stand back surprised by even a sentence you wrote, you got something. I have a note to myself I see every time I sit down at my computer. “You know what you have to do.. Don’t stop writing.”

Writing your TV PILOT. Showcase of November 2014 Winner John Fuhrman

This month’s TV PILOT Screenplay winner is John Fuhrman for his comedy script set in a car dealership called UP COUNTRY MOTORS.

Watch the full reading here:


Up Country Motors is a weekly sitcom in which over stressed Jack Matthews escapes from a New York car Dealership to manage a collection of misfits at a dealership in Northern Vermont recently inherited by the personification of a blonde joke.


NARRATOR – Susan Wilson
JACK – Nick Baillie
AIMEE – Melinda Michael
BOBBI II – Adam McNamara
ROLAND – Neil Kulin
NORMA – Val Cole
SHEREE – Elitsa Bako
DEALER – Kerstin Bradler

Submit your TV PILOT/SPEC Screenplay Today:

Watch past TV PILOT Readings:

Read testimonials of past submissions and the feedback they garnered:

Q&A with the writer:

1. What is your TV PILOT about?

Up Country Motors is “Cheers Opens A Car Dealership” with a smart, tough New York City Manager who takes over a Vermont Car Dealership run by a living breathing blond joke.

2. Why should this script be made into a television show?

People have this fear about buying a new car. What happens behind the scenes in real transactions makes for humorous entertainment. It’s also a funny show about a big city success guy who has massive problems trying to fit into an environment he could never imagine.

3. What is your all-time favorite TV show?

It’s a toss up between great cop shows or classic sitcoms like “Newhart”.

4. What movie have you seen the most in your life?

There are two movies that I watch whenever they’re on. “Tombstone” as the best western ever and “A Christmas Story” just because.

5. What artists would you love to work with?

I would love to have been able to spend 10 minutes working with Robin Williams without any script. Demi Moore, Jon Bon Jovi, Mike Myers would be dreams to work with. For this pilot, I could cast actual people that worked for me in real car dealerships. Seriously, I think Jack could be played by the guy that plays Neal Caffrey on “WHITE COLLAR ” and his foil Aimee played by Penny from “The Big Bang Theory”.

6. How many stories/screenplays have you written?

I’m also working on a pilot called “Hook Line and Sinker”. It’s “Tool Time goes fishing,” where a Shakespearean trained actor who can’t find work gets a call from his agent to take over as host of a weekly fishing show.

7. Ideally, where would you like to be in 5 years?

I would like to be at a level where I could discover the next wave of talented writers.

8. Describe your process; do you have a set routine, method for writing?

Usually, an idea comes when I’m nowhere near my computer. Now I text ideas and then read them the next morning. If I’m still excited about them, I’ll work until I can complete the story.

9. Apart from writing, what else are you passionate about?

I love history. I enjoy being places where something special happened and then I try and research the back story.

10. What influenced you to enter the WILDsound Script Contest?

It was recommended to me, but the real influence was watching the readings and seeing the comments of those who went through the process.

11. Any advice or tips you’d like to pass on to other writers?

Take advice. Seek criticism. It doesn’t mean you change based on what others think, but you should see your work the way others do. After all, that’s who we write for.