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Screenplay Festival: April 12, 2018 Event

CAST LIST: Kimberley Wells, Brianna Riche, Luke Robinson, Daniel Cristofori, John Marcucci, Carina Cojeen, Ted Powers, Kesley Dann

Feature Screenplay – AMERICAN SNAKE PIT, by Dan Tomasulo

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Crime

Young Doctor Dan is a stuck-in-graduate school, some-day-would-be psychologist with a failing marriage and dead-end job. Desperate to change his place in the world, he takes a job at Walden House. This group home recently took on violent patients from the notorious Willowbrook, the worst asylum in American history. Doctor Dan attends an employment seminar and discovers he’s the only one applying for the job. He accepts the offer with no clue what awaits him.


Mayor Billings: Daniel Cristofori
Gwennie: Kimberley Wells
Chief Willy: Ted Powers
Narrator: Carina Cojeen
Dr. Dan: John Marcucci
Taimi: Kesley Dann
Harold: Luke Robinson
Meredith: Brianna Riche

ACTION Best Scene Reading of THE LAST VIKINGS, by David Thorndill

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, History

In the Middle Ages when the Little Ice Age causes famine and conflict in the doomed Greenlandic colony a desperate Viking clan leader attempts to escape by sailing to Iceland, but pirates, storms and treacherous sea ice force them to sail to North America. With the help of a native Micmac woman and a Huron ally they battle Mohawk warriors on their journey to a new homeland beyond the mighty falls of Niagara.


Abdul: Luke Robinson
Elizabeth: Brianna Riche
Olaf: John Marcucci
Narrator: Carina Cojeen
Peter: Daniel Cristofori
Joseph: Ted Powers
Rebecca: Kimberley Wells

ACTION Best Scene Reading of TOTEM, by Heidi Morrell

Genre: Action, Drama

An ex-911 operator, travels to his childhood home, and runs into trouble with the local tree poachers. He’s rescued by a mysterious Native American man who lives off the land.


Narrator: Carina Cojeen
Gavin: Daniel Cristofori
Orson: Ted Powers

TV COMEDY Best Scene Reading of DELIVER ME PIZZARIE, by Anne Luong

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama

Sammy is a well meaning but somewhat accident prone teenage girl. She also has a crush on her brother’s friend Drew, but he seems to be more interested in her more attractive friend Trisha.


Tom: Daniel Cristofori
Trisha: Kimberley Wells
Narrator: Carina Cojeen
Sammy: Brianna Riche
Drew: Luke Robinson

COMEDY Best Scene Reading of ORCHIDS UNDERWEAR AND TORTELLINI, by James Rosenfield

Genre: Comedy, Crime, Adventure

When live wire cougar/underwear CEO Sybil Sabine decides to wed her hunk young poster boy, all hell breaks loose, including blackmail, kidnapping, and murder. Will our heroine make it to the altar?


Lucia: Brianna Riche
Mrs. Sergio: Kesley Dann
Amado:John Marcucci
Narrator: Carina Cojeen
Alfonsio: Daniel Cristofori
Papa: Ted Powers
Bodyguard: Luke Robinson
Aida: Kimberley Wells

COMEDY Best Scene Reading of THE HEIST, by Ryan Northcott

Genre: Comedy, Crime

Two hapless thieves attempt to rob a payday loan store, but two of the patrons have other plans.


Narrator: Carina Cojeen
Kyle: Daniel Cristofori
Slim: Luke Robinson


Genre: Comedy

A larger than life story of a mad scientist tries to invent something that works to impress a girl


Officer #1: Ted Powers
Officer #2: Luke Robinson
Narrator: Carina Cojeen
Old Lady #1: Brianna Riche
Old Lady #2: Kimberley Wells

SCI-FI Best Scene Reading of PAST PRESENCE, by Kevin Mongelli

Genre: Fantasy, Sci-FI

Professor STEPHEN EMERSON (50’s) is obsessed with a book, THE DNALYM RHAPSODY, written by EDGAR GRAVES. It explains his theory of past lives and the ability of man to tap into his consciousness to see his or her other lives. One of Dr. Emerson’s patients commit suicide after it is believed that she saw into her past lives. Several years prior, Edgar, along with his colleagues, DAVIS, SUZANNE, and JULIO ran an experiment on a homeless man. Edgar has a secret lab and an extraordinary machine that allows the person to explore their past.


Alicia: Kimberley Wells
Alexine: Brianna Riche
Narrator: Carina Cojeen
Edgar: Luke Robinson
Krystyn: Kesley Dann
Dr. Emerson: Ted Powers

SCI-FI Best Scene Reading of IT’S A NIGHTMARE, by Nicole Quinn

Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Mina is a rogue dreamer fostered in the Off-grid of Winkin City. How will she suurvive being the Night Mare’s human sacrifice?


Bubba: John Marcucci
Narrator: Carina Cojeen
Bob: Daniel Cristofori
Mina: Kimberley Wells


Producer: Matthew Toffolo http://www.matthewtoffolo.com

Director: Matthew Toffolo

Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne

Editor: Kimberly Villarruel

Camera Op: Mary Cox

Screenplay Festival: March 15, 2018 Event

An afternoon of BEST SCENE Readings in the ACTION/ADVENTURE, FEMALE LEADS, and SCI-FI/FANTASY genres. 25 script readings in total.

FULL CAST LIST: Brandon Knox, Angelica Alejandro, Charles Gordon, Carina Cojeen, Gabriel Darku, Katelyn Varadi.

ACTION Best Scene Reading of TRANSIT, by Charles Lo Manto

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action/Adventure

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in


Father #1: Charles Gordon
Driver: Gabriel Darku
Narrator: Katelyn Varadi
Sal: Brandon Knox
Vicky: Carina Cojeen

ACTION Best Scene Reading of HOMETOWN KILL BOX, by Richard Kjeldgaard

Genre: Drama, Action/Adventure

A Marine Colonel, burnt out and suffering from PTSD after his platoon is ambushed outside Baghdad, retires early and is living in a small desert community in solitude for his remaining years. Soon this peaceful existence is interrupted when fugitive bank robbers and drug runners collide in the isolated desert town. With police outnumbered he must call on his military skills to save it from the marauding intruders.


Teller: Angelica Alejandro
Deputy: Brandon Knox
Narrator: Katelyn Varadi
Robber #1: Charles Gordon
Accomplice: Gabriel Darku
F Accomplice: Carina Cojeen

ACTION Best Scene Reading of THE FLIGHT OF SOULS, by Guy Quigley

Genre: Action/Adventure

Justin, a former fighter pilot boards a flight from Indonesia and has sex in the crew quarters with his flight attendant girlfriend Nara. The pilot, Jack, talks to his co pilots about their cargo and takes the plane up to an extreme height causing the cabin pressure to decrease and the emergency oxygen masks drop.


Ori: Katelyn Varadi
Tamar: Carina Cojeen
Narrator: Angelica Alejandro
Justine: Gabriel Darku
Jack: Charles Gordon
Jacob: Brandon Knox

ACTION Best Scene Reading of THE MUSHROOM KING, by Steve Trebilcock

Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller, Action/Adventure

Survivors in the high desert of New Mexico are far from the blast zone of a nuclear exchange, however they must get to shelter before the winds bring radioactive fallout onto their rural lives. Family, friends, and total strangers must bond quickly and take care of each other if any are to survive. The humanity in each will be tested as the radioactive fallout arrives.


Justin: Gabriel Darku
Narrator: Angelica Alejandro
Trey: Brandon Knox
Shellie: Carina Cojeen

ACTION Best Scene Reading of TORNADO RIDER RHODES, by Stevie T.

Genre: Action/Adventure, Crime, Thriller

A larger-than-life cargo pilot with one rule, no passengers, finds that to save her airline she must transport a person halfway around the globe while protecting them from ninjas and Nazis, yet delivery could mean the end of the world.


JT: Brandon Knox
Narrator: Carina Cojeen
Rhodes: Katelyn Varadi
Callahan: Gabriel Darku

ACTION Best Scene Reading of RUNAWAY SHIP, by Theodore Carl Soderberg

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Action/Adventure

After a zombie outbreak, a ship’s crew must fight for
survival as the ship heads full speed towards the Golden Gate Bridge.


Narrator: Katelyn Varadi
Andy: Charles Gordon
Ted: Brandon Knox


Genre: Action/Adventure

A lost super hero from plant Curtainia discovers earth and hopes to find someone from his planet here. He befriends some children, giving them super powers, lasting up to four hours at a time, as they go on adventures all around the world and to the moon.


Mom: Angelica Alejandro
Jeff: Brandon Knox
Narrator: Katelyn Varadi
Captain Curtain: Charles Gordon
Neil: Gabriel Darku

ACTION Best Scene Reading of APRIL’S FOLLY, by Yvonne Fein

Genre: Drama, Action/Adventure

April Taub is no-one’s nice Jewish girl. Although it is the 1960’s, Vietnam is still not much more than a dark twinkle in Robert Menzies’ eye and April doesn’t give a flying fundament about peace, pot or flower-power.


Lena: Angelica Alejandro
Nazi – Brandon Knox
Narration: Carina Cojeen
April: Katelyn Varadi
Grant: Gabriel Darku
Soot – Charles Gordon

ACTION Best Scene Reading of ALLEGIANCE, by Christopher Stapleton

Genre: Action/Adventure

High-tech mercenaries unwittingly sabotage the National Missile Defense System for a traitorous Air Force general, then stop him from launching a rogue nuclear attack on North Korea.


Narrator: Carina Cojeen
Hondo: Gabriel Darku
Jenson: Brandon Knox

BIOGRAPHY Best Scene Reading of YESHUA, by Edmund Jonah

Genre: Drama, Biography

YESHUA! is the humanizing of the Jew who became the God of millions, placing the charismatic preacher in that tense, thrilling and turbulent political time when Messiahs sprouted like wild flowers in the spring to oust the Romans from the Holy Land, and illustrating with plenty of action how his mission leads to his inevitable end on the cross.


Narrator: Gabriel Darku
Yochanan: Brandon Knox
Herodias: Angelica Alejandro

FEMALE Festival Best Scene Reading of REARRANGING ROXY, by Bridget Bell McMahon

Genre: Drama, Musical

A self-centered rocker must revive her estranged father’s holiday musical to fund her band’s last chance for a tour and to save her hometown from developers, finding love and redemption along the way


Ruby: Carina Cojeen
Ms. Barnes: Angelica Alejandro
Narrator: Brandon Knox
Roxy: Katelyn Varadi
Grayson: Charles Gordon
Gene: Gabriel Darku

FEMALE Festival Best Scene Reading of FAUK MY LIFE, by Stephanie Neroes

Genre: Drama, Romance

A skilled basketball player must try and settle into college while juggling a complicated love life with her boyfriend back home and the other college-bound girl he caught her with.


Jax: Angelica Alejandro
Harley: Carina Cojeen
Narrator: Charles Gordon
Coach Mendez: Brandon Knox
Jaymee: Katelyn Varadi
Spyder: Gabriel Darku

FEMALE Festival Best Scene Reading of DOMESTICATING SASQUASH, by Frank Vespe

Genre: Drama

Fearing they’ll be exposed and exploited, Sammy. Sasquash abandons his mate and twin babies deep in the Pacific Northwest. Shunned by the animal kingdom as freaks, Sadie Sasquash grapples with her infants in an unwelcoming world until she stumbles upon a woman lost in the woods. Slowly, they forge a friendship, and despite their differences, struggle to survive…together.


Benny: Brandon Knox
Alfie: Gabriel Darku
Narrator: Angelica Alejandro
Sammy: Charles Gordon
Sadie: Carina Cojeen
Animal Voice: Katelyn Varadi

FEMALE Festival Best Scene Reading of IN BAD COMPANY, by Ke De Sol

Genre: Drama

Inside the male dominated world of the Outlaw Motorcycle Club, families do exist.


Josh: Gabriel Darku
Narrator: Katelyn Varadi
Max: Angelica Alejandro
Seth: Charles Gordon

FEMALE Festival Best Scene Reading of THE EGG AN I, by Nicole Stuart

Genre: Drama

Natalie Monroe’s a neurotic 40-year-old, who hopes she hasn’t missed her window of time to have a baby, but her odds don’t look good. She put her personal life aside to follow her dreams but she’s unable to can’t catch a break. Natalie’s younger boyfriend isn’t supportive of her having a baby; in fact, he’s one of the many people who tells her she’s too old. Along with her fertility doctor who tells her, “you have the same chance of winning the lottery as having a baby but if you find sperm in a week you might have a 1% shot to try IVF.” Natalie begins her uncanny search for sperm, finding an unexpectant donor. Meanwhile, his ex-girlfriend stops at nothing to block Natalie from getting his sperm, finding true love and freezing one good egg.


Roger: Charles Gordon
Annette: Katelyn Varadi
Narrator: Brandon Knox
Natalie: Carina Cojeen
Katherine: Angelica Alejandro
Steve: Gabriel Darku

FANTASY/SCI-FI Festival Best Scene Reading of UNEARTHLY, by David Dalessandro

Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi

In 1902, a US Naval crew encounters an alien entity, with both tragic and surprising results.


Flynn: Brandon Knox
Narrator: Angelica Alejandro
Caleb: Charles Gordon
Redfern: Gabriel Darku

FANTASY/SCI-FI Festival Best Scene Reading of S.F.O., by Lawrence Whitener

Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Special Forces Order: Over-the-hill futuristic-SEALS recruit and train thrown-away Teens to save an entire planet from slavery. Only way to fight these savages is with Savage-24s through a Black Powder Challenge. One Bad Riot; One Bad-Ass Ranger.


Sam: Angelica Alejandro
White: Gabriel Darku
Narrator: Carina Cojeen
Biker Boss: Brandon Knox
Chao: Charles Gordon

FANTASY/SCI-FI Festival Best Scene Reading of 2084, by Virgo Velasquez

Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi

In a totalitarian future society, a man whose daily work is
rewriting history tries to rebel by falling in love.


Simon: Charles Gordon
Narration: Angelica Alejandro
O’Brien: Gabriel Darku
Winston Smith: Brandon Knox

FANTASY/SCI-FI Festival Best Scene Reading of ESCAPE TO PLANET B346, by Tom Thorpe

Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi

A virus-infected spaceship transports a farmer to a surreal and frightening world, where he sets out on a perilous journey to rescue his wife from reptilian aliens.


Charles: Gabriel Darku
Narrator: Angelica Alejandro
William: Brandon Knox
Elizabeth: Katelyn Varadi
Remy: Charles Gordon

FANTASY/SCI-FI Festival Best Scene Reading of HYPNOS, by Alexandra Dyranis-Maounis

Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Year 2056. A quantum machine named “Phobetor” controls society. Above other measures, dreaming is forbidden and there is absolute control of the allowed limit of sleep to 3-hours per day. Those who rebel by entering REM or a self-induced dream state, most are arrested and punished as traitors. Their penalty, essentially entering their own mind prisons where each individual’s Nightmare is personalized.


Narrator: Carina Cojeen
Hypnos: Katelyn Varadi
Daniel: Charles Gordon

FANTASY/SCI-FI Festival Best Scene Reading of SPACE TRUCKERS, by Michael DAmbrosio

Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Mercenary Mike Colby leads a crew of space truckers against their evil corporate boss (his ex-wife), and the hostile aliens she connives with to control the space trucking industry. Things get rough when Mike falls in love with the captain of the space truckers who seek their independence from the corporation.


Carnak: Gabriel Darku
Narrator: Carina Cojeen
Mike: Brandon Knox
General Asher: Charles Gordon

FANTASY/SCI-FI Festival Best Scene Reading of THE GIRL WITH NO BRAIN, by Royce Adkins

Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi

An artificial intelligence, implanted into the head of a girl born without a brain, struggles between forming it’s own identity and the identity it was programmed to be.


Miracle: Katelyn Varadi
Narrator: Carina Cojeen
Linda: Angelica Alejandro
Joe: Charles Gordon

FANTASY/SCI-FI Festival Best Scene Reading of THE PARADOX MAN, by Larry Thomas

Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi

During an electrical mishap, a father becomes entrapped in a dense cylindrical mass, which sends him into the timeline of a presidential assassination attempt.


Mei: Katelyn Varadi
Fuller: Charles Gordon
Narrator: Angelica Alejandro
Brad: Brandon Knox
Joey: Gabriel Darku


Producer: Matthew Toffolo http://www.matthewtoffolo.com

Director: Matthew Toffolo

Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne

Editor: Kimberly Villarruel

Camera Op: Mary Cox

Deadline June 30th: Screenplay Festival

Deadline June 30th: Screenplay Festival – Get FULL FEEDBACK. Get script performed by professional actors

READ 100s of testimonials from past submitters –

Multiple winners every single month! Watch recent and past winners:


Submit to the Crime/Mystery Festival via FilmFreeway

I loved the idea of actors reading my story. Apart from the potential publicity, this seemed like such a privilege. And I really appreciated the feedback. It was encouraging, but also spot-on as far as weaknesses.
– Lauren Hoekstra (Yellow Touch Red, You’re Dead)

Get your Short Film showcased at the FEEDBACK Film Festival and get an audience video.

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Also showcases Crime/Mystery Screenplay Readings performed by professional actors. Readings take place every single month. Watch the recent monthly winners:

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Read more testimonials:

Seeing the people’s reactions and comments on the film from the audience was a great experience for me and the rest of the crew and cast. I wish more festivals had an event like this as it is the very core of filmmaking. It made the screening of my film at your festival (and the awards) really special and real.
– Director John Hellberg “Mousse” short film

The feedback notes taught me, analysis after analysis, how to trim the fat and think organically, and helped me understand that in a good script “less means more”.
– Alexandre Kounde, TV Pilot “No Love Doves”

This is a very good idea ! I really like the initial reactions to the audience because I saw different kind of reactions. That’s why I made this film to provide various emotions and feelings to the audience.
– Director Karim Quaret, “Lapsus” short film

The FEEDBACK Festival has a reputation for providing on-the-money professional feedback for each submission. I like to enter every project I do in WILDsound because it is a great barometer for comparing your work to what is hot in the industry.
– Michael Miceli, Feature Screenplay “BESA”

Today’s Festival Testimonials (via MovieBytes)

We’re extremely satisfied with the administration of the WILDsound competition. We were offered the opportunity for a table read of our script. Okay, I admit it. We were skeptical. We weren’t convinced they could do an effective reading of such a large-cast script. But they completely blew us away. They came up with an amazingly effective presentation using two talented actors as the main characters and three playing revolving roles. In addition, WILDsound has provided post-win guidance. They’re cordial, helpful and quick to respond to questions. On one occasion, I emailed them at about two a.m. and was astonished when I received an immediate response. This is the first contest experience in which we really feel our screenplay is being actively promoted.

– VerLynn Kneifl, Feature Script

The feedback WILDsound has given to my script has been vital. It has put me into the right direction to improve my script in the best possible way. I scheduled to enter other contests because I believe in this project and I want to spread it in any way, until an agent/producer will be found.

– Roberto Lezzi, Short Script

Wildsound ran the contest smoothly. They met their deadlines, delivered what they promised, and kept in contact with me throughout the process.

– Michael Kellner, TV Pilot

WILDsound is wonderful. I have to say I was particularly pleased with their feedback. It was timely and the person actually read and understood the story. I thank them for that and would recommend their site to all writers. When my work was chosen as a winner it really boosted my resolve to keep writing. I plan to submit this work to more contests.

– Carkic Angelina, 1st Scene Script

The administration of this contest is a treasure! They take great time to provide the most expert, detailed feedback, even allowing my choice to incorporate the committee’s ideas or stay with my draft. With caring support, they honored each deadline and every award they promised, and I’m forever grateful for their insightful niggles to enhance my story.

– Elan Carlson, Feature Script

Without a doubt, I think the administration of the Wildsound contest is one of the best I’ve seen so far in many years of entering contests. Not because I won their contest, which is way too easy and cheesy of an accolade to heave upon them, but because of Wildsound’s conscientious and dutiful actions after I entered.

As any contest participant knows, if you do contests long enough you’ll need to contact a contest with a question concerning your entry, payment, whatever. A lot of contests that I’ve been involved with actually forget this aspect of their contest… timely responses to a participant’s questions. Screenwriters are innately stressful people. Most creative types are. And we want to hear back from a contest ASAP if we have a question. A couple contests I never heard back from if you can believe it. Matthew at Wildsound replied to most of my emails within hours if not a few minutes. He’s right up there with the best of them, such as the hardworking Greg Beal at Nicholl.

– Robert Ward, Short Script

Wildsound was more than I expected. After my initial entry, they made some great suggestions on improving the script. I took their advice, made the adjustments and resubmitted the pilot. They sent back more notes, I made some minor final touches, sent it back and found that I won. Since they announced my win, they have kept me posted regarding views of the video and what I can do to help promote my script.

– John Fuhrman, TV PIlot

* * * * *

Daily Deadlines. Go to http://www.wildsound.ca and submit your script or story

MovieBytes interviews and comments from past submitted works

I’ve been very impressed with WILDsound. The script performance aspect of the contest sets it apart, and leaves you with a tangible reward if you win. WILDsound also puts genuine effort into giving you feedback, and into promoting winning scripts.

Author: Michael Kellner, November 11, 2014 from MovieBytes.com

http://www.moviebytes.com – The online marketing for screenplays and contests. A day by day detail on screenplay announcements and marketing with producers and agents.

The WILDsound Festival has gotten some great reviews from screenwriters who have submitted to the festival in the past.

On the Feature Screenplay page, the ratings are a solid 4.2 out of 5

On the TV Screenplay page, the ratings are an amaziing 4.5 out of 5

On those pages you can read tons of testimonials, plus read interviews of past WILDsound screenplay winnersand their experiences with the contest.

Here are some examples:

WILDsound is a screenwriter’s treasure! They take enormous time to provide the most expert, detailed feedback, even allowing my choice to incorporate all the Committee’s ideas or stay with my draft. With caring support, they’ve honored each deadline and every award they promised, and I’m forever grateful for their committee’s right-on insightful niggles to enhance my story. Matthew Toffolo and WILDsound provide everything a screenwriter needs to find the way to a story’s successful completion. I’m forever grateful!

– Elan Carlson, November 10, 2014

I’ve had a great experience with the WILDsound screenplay contest. The feedback for my screenplay arrived right on time. It was thorough, insightful and very helpful in guiding me during the revision process. The table read of my screenplay was recently posted to YouTube and to the WILDsound website and, by all accounts, it was a wonderful experience!

– Kyle Jenkins, October 14, 2014

Wildsound is a new screenplay writers best friend – they are always upbest and positive, but also constructive. I won a 1st scene reading by real actors and not only enjoyed it but found it useful for seeing tone and pace issues. The monthly schedule and fast feedback turn around is a huge help when one is continually editing and coming up with new (and better?) drafts. Thanks you Matthew!

– David Kurtz, August 8, 2014

This is an excellent contest that gives useful feedback. It can be difficult to get honest, unbiased critique that can help make your material better, but Wildsound points out what you’re doing well and what can be improved. They are fast, friendly, and professional. I will definitely enter again in the future.

– Maria Hammarland, August 8, 2014

More than once my screenwriting has been the beneficiary of the feedback I’ve received from WILDsound readers, regardless if I reached the finals or won one of their contests. In fact, their feedback improved some of my scripts to the point that it probably helped them place in other contests! Matthew Toffolo, the founder of WILDsound, is getting the word out online about my June 2014 win (for CAGEY in the short category) and has posted video of an actors’ read-through of the script and my answers to interview questions. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results of this contest.

– JJ Hillard, July 7, 2014

I’m so happy I entered my TV spec script into the Wildsound contest. The feedback they gave me was really helpful, and it was clear that the person critiquing my script was familiar with the show I was writing for. Seeing my script performed by actors was very rewarding. I highly recommend this contest to any aspiring screenwriters.

– Cara Rothenberg, June 6, 2014

Submit your feature screenplay today – http://www.wildsound.ca/screenplaycontest.html

Submit your TV PILOT/SPEC screenplay – http://www.wildsound.ca/tvscreeenplaycontest.html

Submit your script or story today – http://www.wildsound.ca