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From MovieBytes: 1st Scene Screenplay Festival Names January Winners

The best thing for a writer is to get feedback- not just to be told ‘that was good’ but honest and constructive feedback. That’s what WILDsound offers. It was a good experience having individuals from overseas have a different perspective on my work.

– Writer Grant Reid, from his MovieBytes Interview

Read Grant’s Entire Inteview from MovieBytes:

From MovieBytes:

FIRST SCENE (first 10pgs) SCREENPLAY FESTIVAL Get your works showcased at 2015 festival events.

– Submit the first stages of your film, get it performed at the festival, and get full feedback!

WATCH past 1st Scene Festival readings:

Watch the 3 winning first scene readings from the January 2015 1st Scene Writing Festival:

Written by Grant Reid

When recently single Thomas moves next door and strikes a friendship with Catherine, Alexander spirals into a dark paranoia. With his sanity at stake Alexander is on the brink of losing everything.

Written by John Pisano-Thomsen

A 95-year-old Pink Triangle survivor recalls his romance with a Nazi Officer’s son in 1935 that led to his interment at Dachau.

Written by Tracy Sherwood

A female war hero home from Iraq struggles with PTSD while trying to resume her life as a soccer mom. But the married soldier hides an even darker secret…she witnessed the death of her lover overseas who also happens to be the husband of her now widowed sister.

MovieBytes interviews and comments from past submitted works

I’ve been very impressed with WILDsound. The script performance aspect of the contest sets it apart, and leaves you with a tangible reward if you win. WILDsound also puts genuine effort into giving you feedback, and into promoting winning scripts.

Author: Michael Kellner, November 11, 2014 from MovieBytes.com

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The WILDsound Festival has gotten some great reviews from screenwriters who have submitted to the festival in the past.

On the Feature Screenplay page, the ratings are a solid 4.2 out of 5

On the TV Screenplay page, the ratings are an amaziing 4.5 out of 5

On those pages you can read tons of testimonials, plus read interviews of past WILDsound screenplay winnersand their experiences with the contest.

Here are some examples:

WILDsound is a screenwriter’s treasure! They take enormous time to provide the most expert, detailed feedback, even allowing my choice to incorporate all the Committee’s ideas or stay with my draft. With caring support, they’ve honored each deadline and every award they promised, and I’m forever grateful for their committee’s right-on insightful niggles to enhance my story. Matthew Toffolo and WILDsound provide everything a screenwriter needs to find the way to a story’s successful completion. I’m forever grateful!

– Elan Carlson, November 10, 2014

I’ve had a great experience with the WILDsound screenplay contest. The feedback for my screenplay arrived right on time. It was thorough, insightful and very helpful in guiding me during the revision process. The table read of my screenplay was recently posted to YouTube and to the WILDsound website and, by all accounts, it was a wonderful experience!

– Kyle Jenkins, October 14, 2014

Wildsound is a new screenplay writers best friend – they are always upbest and positive, but also constructive. I won a 1st scene reading by real actors and not only enjoyed it but found it useful for seeing tone and pace issues. The monthly schedule and fast feedback turn around is a huge help when one is continually editing and coming up with new (and better?) drafts. Thanks you Matthew!

– David Kurtz, August 8, 2014

This is an excellent contest that gives useful feedback. It can be difficult to get honest, unbiased critique that can help make your material better, but Wildsound points out what you’re doing well and what can be improved. They are fast, friendly, and professional. I will definitely enter again in the future.

– Maria Hammarland, August 8, 2014

More than once my screenwriting has been the beneficiary of the feedback I’ve received from WILDsound readers, regardless if I reached the finals or won one of their contests. In fact, their feedback improved some of my scripts to the point that it probably helped them place in other contests! Matthew Toffolo, the founder of WILDsound, is getting the word out online about my June 2014 win (for CAGEY in the short category) and has posted video of an actors’ read-through of the script and my answers to interview questions. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results of this contest.

– JJ Hillard, July 7, 2014

I’m so happy I entered my TV spec script into the Wildsound contest. The feedback they gave me was really helpful, and it was clear that the person critiquing my script was familiar with the show I was writing for. Seeing my script performed by actors was very rewarding. I highly recommend this contest to any aspiring screenwriters.

– Cara Rothenberg, June 6, 2014

Submit your feature screenplay today – http://www.wildsound.ca/screenplaycontest.html

Submit your TV PILOT/SPEC screenplay – http://www.wildsound.ca/tvscreeenplaycontest.html

Submit your script or story today – http://www.wildsound.ca