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Screenplay Festival: June 28, 2018 Event

A showcase of winning TV PILOTS and 1st Scene Screenplays.

FULL CAST LIST: Zena Driver, Dorian Shine, Amrit Kaur, Val Cole, Alicia Payne, Jolly Amoako, Justin Darmanin

TV PILOT – THE TEMPS, by Julia Montanez

Genre: Comedy

A modern day quirky comedic TV show based in New York City. A man hires his unemployed best friend and his 3 roommates to assist him in salvaging his job. An unorthodox team is formed as they discover the ultimate significance of what true friendship can mean on life’s unleveled journey.


Natasha: Zena Driver
Lacy: Amrit Kaur
Cindy: Alicia Payne
Narrator: Val Cole
Gambit: Justin Darmanin
Justin: Dorian Shine
Abagato: Jolly Amoako


Genre: Comedy

A woman visits a plastic surgeon with the hope of changing the future for her daughter.


Claudia: Alicia Payne
Delmont: Jolly Amoako
Narrator: Val Cole
Amberly: Amrit Kaur
Dr. Sanderson: Dorian Shine
Hamid: Justin Darmanin

COMEDY Short – FIRE ALARM, by Tyler G.

Genre: Comedy

When Hamid’s mother dies, he must move to Vancouver to live with Uncle Amir. Uncle Amir reminds him that if we aren’t careful, life may pass us by and we never take for granted those around us. Trapped in a foreign world he does not understand, Hamid unwittingly sets into play a series of events that awaken this very idea in his elderly neighbors.


Ethel: Zena Driver
Marge: Alicia Payne
Narrator: Val Cole
Uncle Amir: Dorian Shine
Manager: Jolly Amoako

SCI-FI Short – MAYBE TOMORROW I’LL SEE YOU, by Steve N Bradford

Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Two telescopes are constructed side by side at NASA and grow close, only to be ripped apart when their construction is completed.


Narrator: Val Cole
Cap: Zena Driver
Obs: Alicia Payne

UNDER 5min. Short – NOSTALGIC, by Shannon Michelle

Genre: Drama, Experimental

A Woman dives into a journey of self-discovery by walking through her dreams, as she comes face to face with memories and ghosts from her past.


Narrator: Val Cole
Voice: Amrit Kaur
Woman: Zena Driver

1st Scene Reading – LOVERS IN PARADISE, by Meg Bowen

Genre: Romance, Crime, Action

A bank robbery goes awry and our two criminals have to steal a getaway car. Except there’s a girl tied up in the trunk, who might just be their best chance at walk-away money.


Janine: Alicia Payne
Kip: Dorian Shine
Narrator: Val Cole
Brad: Jolly Amoako
Juliette: Amrit Kaur

FANTASY 1st Scene Reading – POLE, by Robert Dodrill

Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller, Horror

While studying remote caves in northern Greenland, a team of polar scientists stumble upon the entrance to the fabled, and seemingly long abandoned “North Pole village.” Inside they discover remnants of advanced technology, evidence of a terrible tragedy, and the grim realization that the Pole was sealed off for a reason.


Maisie: Amrit Kaur
Beckett: Dorian Shine
Narrator: Val Cole
Nicholas: Justin Darmanin
Sam: Jolly Amoako
Sasha: Zena Driver

FEMALE 1st Scene Reading – AMERICAN PRINCESS, by Jenny Kleiman

Genre: Dark Comedy

When Ellie’s mother commits her father to a mental hospital, the rich, spoiled teen must navigate her own escape and his rescue, or else embrace her new home- her babysitter’s trailer park.


Janet: Zena Driver
David: Justin Darmanin
Narrator: Val Cole
Ellie: Amrit Kaur
Lowe: Alicia Payne

HORROR 1st Scene Reading – WHERE THE BAD KIDS GO, by Sean Elwood

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Drama

When Jesse returns to his childhood home after hearing about his abusive mother’s suicide, he soon discovers that something evil lurks within the depths of the house, and it’s been waiting for him to return after all these years.


Narrator: Val Cole
Jesse: Jolly Amoako
Helen: Alicia Payne

THRILLER 1st Scene Reading – MARCO POLO, by Jeff Heckler

Genre: Thriller, War

Christmas time in Bastogne, Belgium, 1944. The allied forces are under heavy fire by the German army.


Declan: Dorian Shine
Narrator: Val Cole
Mosch: Justin Darmanin
Wendy: Jolly Amoako

1st Scene Reading – REMEMBERING LIZ, by Joan Beilstein

Genre: Drama

A runaway fifteen year-old girl is found dead from a heroin overdose. Forty years later, her best childhood friend, haunted from unresolved guilt and grief, uncovers a secret, which sheds light on her friend’s tragic short life.


Laura: Amrit Kaur
Narrator: Val Cole
Jane: Zena Driver
Della: Alicia Payne

1st Scene Reading – UNTIL THE DAY, by Craig Andrews

Genre: Drama

It is the spring of 1884 and Christine Lockhart, the daughter of a doctor, has just graduated with dreams of forging her own path in the world, taking charge of her decisions and loving a man of her choosing. Michael Karg, the son of a butcher, has simple ambitions and rose-colored optimism about courting Christine. The cloud on the horizon for both Christine and Michael is Christine’s money-hungry father.


Beverly: Zena Driver
Michael: Dorian Shine
Narrator: Val Cole
Christine: Amrit Kaur
Carolyn: Alicia Payne

DRAMA 1st Scene Reading – HEADCASE, by by Chris Jones

Genre: Drama

Dr. Andrew Beck, is the goto Sports Psychologist for pro athletes. But he has a gambling problem, and he gets deep in debt with Fergus McKenzie, a psychotic Scottish gangster. To get out of trouble with his skull intact, Andrew is forced to trade o… See more


Player 1: Jolly Amoako
Andrew: Justin Darmanin
Narrator: Val Cole
Fergus: Dorian Shine
Arron: Justin Darmanin
Lorry: Zena Driver

1st Scene Reading – EDEN, by Jean Barker

Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Romance

A teenage girl who grew up in a cult based on the biblical myth of Eden falls in love with an intruder from the sinful world outside the garden walls.


Judith: Zena Driver
Narrator: Val Cole
Edie: Amrit Kaur
John: Jolly Amoako

DRAMA 1st Scene Reading – TAKE THE SHOT, by Jim Norman

Genre: Drama

A black family with an athletically gifted daughter is forced to move from Houston to North Dakota because of a corporate promotion. Family, race and gender issues are tested in the culture of the family’s new and temporary move.


Trey: Jolly Amoako
Friend 1: Justin Darmanin
Narrator: Val Cole
Kassie: Alicia Payne
Coach Briscoe: Zena Driver
Monica: Amrit Kaur


Producer: Matthew Toffolo

Director: Kierston Drier

Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne

Editor: Kimberly Villarruel

Camera Op: Mary Cox

Screenplay Festival: January 7, 2018 Event

The FEEDBACK Film Festival’s first Screenplay Festival event of 2018 features a reading of a Fan Fiction feature screenplay (Black Widow, Marvel Universe) and 7 1st scene readings from various genres and festivals.

If there was a theme to this evening, it would be ROMANCE with SUSPENSE.

CAST LIST: Kiran Friesen, Alicia Ryan, Carly Tisdall, Carina Cojeen, Christopher Huron, Peter Nelson, David Occhipinti


FAN FICTION Feature Screenplay: BLACK WIDOW: FUGITIVE, by Brooke Elowe

Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime, Fantasy

After the events of Captain America: Civil War, Natasha Romanoff is on the run. Branded a fugitive for violating the Sokovia Accords, Natasha tries to keep her head down and lay low, but there’s no rest for the world’s greatest spy…

Narrator: Carina Cojeen
Natasha: Kiran Friesen
Ava: Alicia Ryan
Ivan: David Occhipinti
Tony Stark: Christopher Huron
Nick Fury: Peter Nelson
Tori Raven: Carly Tisdall


ACTION 1st Scene Script Reanding of ZOMBIE CRUIZE, by A K A SMITH

Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller, Horror

Poseidon Adventure meets Night of the Dead. When the world’s largest cruise ship is over-run by thousands of shambling, groping, synthetically reanimated corpses, celebrity Vlogger Rozo and her Dad Ammy, the Chief Engineer, must help the last survivors off the ship – which is made all the more hellish when it capsizes, as these particular flesh-eaters can swim like demented sharks.

Narrator: Carina Cojeen
Rozo/Holly: Carly Tisdall
Macavoy: Peter Nelson
Satoshi: Christopher Huron
Ruben: David Occhipinti
Qadira: Kiran Friesen
Kerry Jo: Alicia Ryan


DRAMA 1st Scene Script Reading of SCUPPERNONGS, by Lynne Ashe

Genre: Drama, Coming of Age, Romance

In a North Carolina vineyard at harvest time, sixteen-year-old twins vie for the affections of an exotic newcomer to their small town. When they uncover truths about themselves and a haunting family secret, their lives are forever changed.

Narrator: Carina Cojeen
Mrs. Slenway: Kiran Friesen
Will: Christopher Huron
Shane: David Occhipinti
Sam: Carly Tisdall
Girl: Alicia Ryan
Boy 2: Peter Nelson


DRAMA 1st Scene Script Reading of PREY FOR THE DAY, by by Richard M. Kjeldgaard

Genre: Drama

A financially successful couple, seeking a combination of passive income and early retirement, take a trip from California to Florida at the invite of Miami businessman who is seeking investors in the financial recovery of the local real estate markets. Their business trip soon turns into a fight for survival as there is more to this trip than meets the eye.

Narrator: Carina Cojeen
John: Christopher Huron
Kathy: Carly Tisdall
Miguel: Peter Nelson
Jessica: Alicia Ryan
Driver: David Occhipinti


COMEDY 1st Scene Script Reading of THE WRECKERS, Kristy Leigh Lussier & Lee Vander Boegh

Genre: Comedy, Romance

They’re paid to turn weddings into disasters, and now are hired to plan a fake one. But when thrown into a job out of their element, this unbreakable duo quickly discover the only disaster they’ve created is the one between themselves.

Narrator: Carina Cojeen
Ellen: Carly Tisdall
Trevor: Christopher Huron
Groom: Peter Nelson
Pastor: David Occhipinti
Bride: Kiran Friesen


HORROR 1st Scene Script Reading of Red Light, by Dempsey Tillman and Ted Dewberry/strong>

Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi

A slacker husband (with a child on the way) gets a rude awakening when aliens invade his home and target his family.

Narrator: Carina Cojeen
Miriam: Carly Tisdall
Aaron: Christopher Huron
Cork: David Occhipinti
Bluetooth: Alicia Ryan


LGBT 1st Scene Script Reading of Falling Star, by Katie L. Marshall

Genre: Drama, Romance

Driven to a mental breakdown by those profiting from her fame, a young pop star is forced to keep her sexuality a secret and faces a deadly choice until a chance encounter with a hotel chef transforms both of their lives.

Narrator: Carina Cojeen
Brooke: Carly Tisdall
Rachel: Kiran Friesen
Alexa: Alicia Ryan
Man: David Occhipinti


TV 1st Scene Script Reading of KILLING MOSES, by Ricardo M. Fleshman

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Private Detective Moses Byone and his effeminate partner, former antiques dealer Armond Fontenot get more than they bargain for in the seedy underbelly of 1970s New Orleans.

Narrator: Carina Cojeen
Daniel: Christopher Huron
Lisette: Carly Tisdall
Vanessa: Kiran Friesen


Producer: Matthew Toffolo

Director: Kierston Drier

Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne

Editor: John Johnson

Camera Op: Mary Cox