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Under a Lemon Tree, Poetry by Osman Welela

GENRE: Life, Contentment

Under a Lemon Tree
by Osman Welela

I hear a tinkling,
A sound part gurgling,
As water laughs in a fountain unseen,
While I rest my head with a lean
On the rough skin of a wood
I sit under with a contented mood.
Afternoon crawls past with my unwanted needs,
And I watch through cracked lids
The thousand stars that shine in the light of day,
Which sunlight makes as it splinters past leafs in its way.
Beyond my green roof and in the distant sky,
Clouds appear like hills that fly;
While a playful air blows past my face,
Bringing the smell of lemons from above and coolness from a distant place,
The heavens change in a slow dance to their distant part,
In a riot of colors as they make a timeless art.
I sigh, satisfied,
Spending thus my afternoon at hand,
For what better place is there to be
Than here, sitting under a lemon tree.

    * * * * *

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