February 7 2016 Writing Festival

It’s a matinee festival this week as we will be the pre-game show event for Super Bowl 50. This week the showcase is the best of TV screenplays, plus the February 1st Scene and Short screenplay winners.

Here are the details of the screenplays that will be performed. 

#1 – TV PILOT – MINDWALKER by Thorsten Loos

Genre: Crime, Fantasy/Supernatural, Conspiracy


When a grad student gets caught in the crossfire of a murder on campus, he finds himself able to travel outside his body, enlisting the help of an unlikely ally to find his way back home.

#2 – TV SPEC of the show THE BIG BANG THEORY by David Minaskanian

Genre: Comedy


The gang tries to lift Sheldon’s spirits after he suffers a devastating loss.


Genre: Drama, Science Fiction,


Vicious wind howls, pelting snow that rips both forest and flesh, as Pim, a fatherless, country girl, ventures deep within on a dangerous, lonely trek toward Bangkok; Thailand’s former capital city now submerged in icy flood waters and nearly abandon

#4 – 1st SCENE – ROAD TO TEXAS by Emanuel Ruggeri

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Mystery


Down and out Federal Agent, Frank Pierson, is taken on the road to uncover a web murder which leads him to a missing girl from his failed sex slave undercover operation.

#5 – 1st SCENE – THE SHOT by Michael DeMattia

Genre: Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller


One hunter, who never speaks, journeys through a unique forest to discover the mysteries of life.

#6 – SHORT SCRIPT – COMPLICIT by Andrew L. Schwartz

Genre: Crime, Drama


An old man tries to escape his past transgressions before having to go on trial for them.

Director/Producer: Matthew Toffolo

Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne

Editor: John Johnson

By WILDsound Festival

Submitters reactions to their feedback on their stories. New testimonials coming each month! Watch this month's winning readings. At least 15 performances a month: www.wildsoundfestival.com Submit your script, story, poem, or film to the festival today: www.wildsound.ca

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