A showcase of a winning Action Feature Screenplay, and 5 short scripts.

Amber Copeland, Neil Bennett, Ryan Singh, Kevin P. Gabel, Carina Cojeen, Charles Gordon

 ACTION Feature Screenplay: OPERATION BROTHER SAM by Gustavo Freitas

Genre: Action, Political Thriller

During the Cold War, an intelligence officer, haunted by the death of his wife, must confront a corrupt politician who plans to start a military dictatorship in Brazil.


Thomas: Charles Gordon
Camilla: Amber Copeland
Narrator: Carina Cojeen
Mark: Kevin P. Gabel
Colton: Neil Bennett
Garrett: Ryan Singh

LGBT Short Screenplay: CONVERTED by Dana Quercioli

Genre: Comedy

Andy McCloskey escaped gay conversion therapy to become a drag queen, going from pray-the-gay-away to slay all day.


David: Neil Bennett
Dr. Tomassini: Charles Gordon
Narrator: Sean Ballantyne
Andy: Kevin P. Gabel
Deven: Amber Copeland
Danny: Ryan Singh

LGBT Short Screenplay: SKATE NIGHT by Kate Whitehead

Genre: Comedy

Agoraphobic skateboarder Cindy has a life that is rich in avatars but poor in human interaction. When she decides to make the leap to dating live people, everything turns out to be just as chaotic as she had feared.


DJ Strangelove: Neil Bennett
Genie: Kevin P. Gabel
Narrator: Charles Gordon
Jolene: Carina Cojeen
Cindy: Amber Copeland
Police Officer: Ryan Singh

LGBT Short Screenplay: OLDFISH by Kate Whitehead, Esha Khan

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Tariq and Kylee want to put Grandma in a home. Unfortunately, Grandma’s girlfriend Mrs. Zane is not ready to give her up.


Dr. Harriet: Charles Gordon
Tariq: Kevin P. Gabel
Narrator: Neil Bennett
Organ Player: Carina Cojeen
Kylee: Amber Copeland

COMEDY Short Screenplay: COUNTRY ROADS by Stephen Bodossian

Genre: Comedy

A lazy father takes his four-year-old daughter to rural North Jersey to meet her favorite movie character, Bambi, in hopes of proving to her that he is a fun dad and to gain a parenting win over his ex-wife. He soon learns that finding Bambi is much more difficult than anticipated.


Allie: Carina Cojeen
Narrator: Kevin P. Gabel
Eddie: Ryan Singh
Nicole: Amber Copeland

1pg. COMEDY Short Screenplay: HEART OF GOLD by Daniele Lince

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Narrator: Carina Cojeen
Ricky: Ryan Singh
Silvia: Amber Copeland


Producer: Matthew Toffolo

Director: Kierston Drier

Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne

Editor: Kimberly Villarruel

Camera Op: Mary Cox

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