Read Today’s Selected POETRY

Read the best of new poetry in the world today: DIAMONDS OF NEPAL, by Robyn Campbell THE VISIT, by Stacy Ann Duhaney THE VISIT, Poetry by Stacy-Ann Duhaney MY JOURNEY, by Stephen McBride A POEM FOR MOTHERS, by Caleb Owusu LEATHER CLAD ROAD WARRIOR, by Annie Ryan WHY TERRORISM!!??, by Husaina Shabbir… Continue reading Read Today’s Selected POETRY

Leather-Clad Road-Warrior, Poetry by Annie Ryan

GENRE: “FUNNY=SEXY” POEM Leather-Clad Road-Warrior by Annie Ryan His Presence was Felt down to my Little Toes, Which Rushed with Great Desire. Then, the Warmth of Need Went Up and Up to Above my Head, And Spilled like Maple Syrup over my Pony-Tailed Hair And Down Across my Cotton Dress, all wet with Anticipation. Down… Continue reading Leather-Clad Road-Warrior, Poetry by Annie Ryan