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Read the best of new poetry in the world today: DIAMONDS OF NEPAL, by Robyn Campbell THE VISIT, by Stacy Ann Duhaney THE VISIT, Poetry by Stacy-Ann Duhaney MY JOURNEY, by Stephen McBride A POEM FOR MOTHERS, by Caleb Owusu LEATHER CLAD ROAD WARRIOR, by Annie Ryan WHY TERRORISM!!??, by Husaina Shabbir… Continue reading Read Today’s Selected POETRY

Diamonds Of Nepal, Poetry by Robyn Campbell

Genre: Hope, Society Diamonds Of Nepal Nepal at twilight; shining diamonds stands tall. At dawn; twinkles brilliance. Nepal during an earthquake torment, anger, the anvil chorus singing songs of tribulation. Nepal after earthquake glimmers love, spirit, hope. ¬©Robyn Campbell. All rights reserved. * * * * Deadline: FREE POETRY Festival – Get your… Continue reading Diamonds Of Nepal, Poetry by Robyn Campbell