I stand corrected?, Poetry by NoLIFE

Then law of nature dictates that procreation is purpose…
But the insipient insolence of your kind has flourished into intransigence
blatant disrespect in the house of the lord
God made man on the 6th day. And as a matter of fact, to be exact
women created in second place as a subordinate extract.

Stand Your Ground, Poetry by H. Lee

Genres: Dark, Political, Philosophical, Society, Rhyme, Painful, Inspirational, Redemption. Stand Your Ground by H. Lee America- Baseball, football, swing music, fast cars, Larry the Cable Guy, My country tis of thee, ‘Murica- Tailgate pickup truck dirt road paved road rail road sod, seed, crop, plow. Let me tell you what America looks like. America looks… Continue reading Stand Your Ground, Poetry by H. Lee