Pamela Green – March 2016 Feature Screenplay Winner

Entails the life of Everett House as he grows up in a poor, Christian home in a Midwest city following the Great Depression, portraying his passion for playing the steel guitar just as his invalid father had, and then, beginning at age 17, portraying Everett’s years in a mental asylum. While in the institution, Everett undergoes shock treatment and other psychiatric practices popular to that era. But through it all, Everett finds God to be his stable source of strength, hope, and deliverance, and he is left with a divine promise concerning his future that his testimony will one day be used to warn mankind of the mark in the forehead.

Feature Screenplay Reading: GATES OF HELL by Pamela Green and Everett House Sr.

I was very pleased with the professional, thorough feedback that I received each time from WILDsound Film Festival. I found their wisdom and advice very beneficial in polishing up my writing skills and in pulling together a more smooth-sounding screenplay.