Screenplay Festival: June 28, 2018 Event

A showcase of winning TV PILOTS and 1st Scene Screenplays. FULL CAST LIST: Zena Driver, Dorian Shine, Amrit Kaur, Val Cole, Alicia Payne, Jolly Amoako, Justin Darmanin TV PILOT – THE TEMPS, by Julia Montanez Genre: Comedy A modern day quirky comedic TV show based in New York City. A man hires his unemployed best… Continue reading Screenplay Festival: June 28, 2018 Event

Deadline TODAY to submit to the TV Screenplay Festival

These notes are very helpful in my advancing this piece and as a new writer I am extremely pleased with the generally positive reinforcement here.
– R. Christian Frostholm (Consequences)

This feedback is clear, and very helpful. I will work on it and resubmit, much appreciated.
– Jamie Aderski (The F Factor)