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Genre – Dark, Death, Supernatural

by Ron Henslee

I was standing in my garden among the snow peas
Dandelions were singing in a nearby meadow
I was wishing for the talent of the chosen
Whimsical yearning is my crime
Awareness of my short comings is my burden
A pedestrian of nonsense a pollution of time
Yet magic will embrace contradiction

A Crow fly’s into my garden
He shows no fear of my presence
And I show no fear of his mystery
A yearning of being a Vagabond
A traveler observing untold stories
Consumes my thoughts-
Not some lowly Crow
I sense he shares my opinion-
For his disdain is directed at me
He’ll dance on my grave if he out lives me
He’d love to put on such a show

I have tricked him with magic
He tries to flee, filled with confusion and anger
Consumed with the hate in his heart
He screams CAW, CAW, – a cacophony
Not knowing I was a formidable adversary
He thought I was made of straw
I stole his space on this earth – magic

So I’ll dance on his grave for I outlived him
I’ll love to put on such a show
I love standing in my garden among the snow peas
The Dandelions are singing in the nearby meadow
I’m waiting for my next encounter
Maybe it’ll be with you – do you know?