WILDsound Performer: VINCE JERAD

See the 100s of actors who performed at the Writing Festival in 2015:¬†http://www.wildsoundfestival.com/wildsound_performers.html VINCE JERAD: http://www.wildsoundfestival.com/vince_jerad.html Height: 5’6 Hair: Black Eyes: Black Vince performed twice at the Writing Festival in 2015. Once in January as the lead in a stage play, and another in August at the villain in a Sci-Fi/Western feature screenplay. CLICK the… Continue reading WILDsound Performer: VINCE JERAD

TV PILOT Sitcom – WASHED UP by Leila Ben Abdallah

I was blown away by the thoughtful and detailed feedback at this festival. I really felt that I could incorporate the notes because I got the sense that they really got what I was trying to say. He even referenced Frasier in his notes, which I particularly appreciated as Frasier was one I turned to a lot when I was preparing the structure of Washed-Up as it is also a story of adult children co-habitating with a parent. They even took time to give a few tips on formatting, which I really appreciated.