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WILDsound Announces its 1st Scene Screenplay Winners for July 2016

Watch the 3 winning 1st Scene Screenplay for July 2016.

1st SCENE Screenplay – SENIOR PRANK
July 2016 Reading
Written by Shiv Sudhakar



Genre: Comedy

A group of cunning high school seniors must outwit their principal in order to pull off the ultimate senior class prank.


AL – Dan Cristofori
CARL – David Occhipinti
FRAN – Viktoria Napolenova
ALFRED – Michael Gaty
GUS – Mark Boutros

1st SCENE Screenplay – NINE SCARS
July 2016 Reading
Written by Kelly Crawford



Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Thriller

A teen romance thriller that takes place in a world in which everyone has nine lives. In this world of nine lives, an aspiring football player must risk all of his lives to rescue his girlfriend from the ruthless leader of a gambling syndicate who’s trying to fix the college football championship game.


KEITH – Dan Cristofori
PRINCIPAL – David Occhipinti
ROBBIE – Michael Gaty
MATT – Mark Boutros
JAMIE – Viktoria Napolenova


1st SCENE Screenplay – CATCH!
July 2016 Reading
Written by Jerry Nield



Genre: Biography, Comedy, Drama

Could David really defeat Goliath?


ACTON – Dan Cristofori
OLD MAN – David Occhipinti
JIM – Michael Gaty
TOM – Mark Boutros
ELLEN – Judy Thrush


Director/Producer: Matthew Toffolo http://www.matthewtoffolo.com

Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne

Editor: John Johnson


















Today’s FilmFreeway Deadline: 1st Scene/Short Screenplay Festival

I’d never seen a contest that took only the first moment of a screenplay. The first moments can make or break a script in any competition, but I like that WILDsound looks at the opening on its own. Positive feedback on an unfinished piece can truly motivate a writer to push through to the end.
– LOVELESS by Chris Courtney Martin

At least 2-5 winners every single month. Get your screenplay performed by professional actors. FULL FEEDBACK on all entries.

Watch the recent 1st scene screenplay winning readings:

Submit via FilmFreeway: 

In the first 10 pages the writer needs to let the reader know in general terms what the story is about, and what is at stake. Plus, set the tone of what world and genre the writer has created, while also introducing the main characters. All the while you need to engage and entertain the reader.

The contest was created because this is an industry where agents/producers and their team are so busy and are reading so many scripts that if you do not grab them right away then they will put down the script and move onto another one. So you have to capture their attention when you’re writing on spec.

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1st Scene Testimonials:

Wow,the screenplay review is incredibly detailed and helpful! Big thanks.
– Steve Mikals, 1st Scene Script “Man Seeking Money”

Thank you very much for the pleasant feedback. I completely understand about the whole flashback bit and will work to change it. Otherwise I’m glad you like the immediate conflict which I thought would grab the audiences/readers attention instantly.
– Tom Dunham, 1st Scene Script “Rise of the Irishman”

The communication, organization and feedback these guys offer are fantastic and scriptwriters of all disciplines and experience should be jumping at the service WILDsound provides. The best thing about it is they are as enthusiastic as you about your work. Thank you to everyone involved with WILDsound.
– Grant Reid, 1st Scene Submission

I want to thank you for your feedback on my screenplay. The feedback gave me real direction on how to perfect this piece. I look forward to resubmitting in the near future. Thank you for this great experience.
– Anthonio Vole, 1st Scene Screenplay

Thank you so much for your feedback. It is thought provoking and helpful. I feel the urge to go back to line one and make the scenes a lot more punchy.
– Darryl Greer, 1st Scene Screenplay (The Morning After)