26 short films, 23 screenplays, 6 novels & short stories = 55 winning videos

festival posterMUM, 13min., India, Drama

festival posterDOWN TIME, 15min., France, Drama

festival posterJUST SAYING, 14min., UK, Drama/Dark Comedy

festival posterUNDER THE BED, 5min, USA, Horror/Thriller

festival posterPUPPETS AND PUSHPINS, 4min., Canada, Dance/Music Video

festival posterESKIMO, 6min., USA, Drama

festival posterBREATHLESS, 7min., USA, Drama/Crime

festival posterTHE BUTTER KNIFE, 6min., USA, Comedy/Romance

festival posterHIT, 4min., New Zealand, Sports/Drama

festival posterGRANDFATHERHOOD, 27min., Russia, Drama/Family

festival posterHIT, 4min., New Zealand, Sports/Drama

festival posterTHE CLIMB, 9min., UK, Drama

festival posterSISTER IN ARMS, 9min., UK, Crime/Drama

festival posterTHE CALL, 10min., USA, Horror

festival posterCARL, 17min., USA, Drama

festival posterSNUG AS A BUG, 11min., UK, Comedy

festival posterHIGH CALORIE, 17min., Turkey, Family/Drama

festival posterSWEETER, 13min., USA, Family/Drama

festival posterPRIEST TO PRIEST, 9min., USA, Family/Drama

festival posterTHE LEGEND OF RASPUTIN, 13min., Canada, Family/Animation

festival posterJOYA MIA, 5min., USA, Family/Drama

festival posterSWEET YOYO, 18min., Canada, Family/Drama

festival posterA PLACE IN THE CITY, 18min., USA, LGBT/Documentary

festival posterTHE LOVE INDUSTRY, 20min., USA, LGBT/Documentary

festival posterTHE LAST GIRL, 13min., Denmark, LGBT/Romance

festival posterMASQUERADE, 10min., USA, LGBT/Drama

festival posterWHO I AM, 17min, UK, LGBT/Drama


ACTORWinning CRIME Feature Film: INDIAN COUNTY by Troy Kelly

ACTORWinning LGBT Feature Film: GO-GO BOY by Vance Walker

ACTORWinning TV PILOT: THE TEMPS by Julia Montanez

ACTORWinning 1st Scene Script: UNTIL THE DAY by Craig Andrews

ACTORWinning THRILLER 1st Scene Script: MARCO POLO by Jeff Heckler

ACTORWinning FEMALE 1st Scene Script: AMERICAN PRINCESS by Jenny Kleiman

ACTORWinning SCI-FI 1st Scene Script: POLE by Robert Dodrill

ACTORWinning DRAMA 1st Scene Script: TAKE THE SHOT by Jim Norman

ACTORWinning HORROR 1st Scene Script: WHERE THE BAD KIDS GO by Sean Elwood

ACTORWinning 1st Scene Script: REMEMBERING LIZ by Joan Beilstein

ACTORWinning 1st Scene Script: EDEN by Jean Barker

ACTORWinning THRILLER 1st Scene Script: FIELDS OF BLOOD by Michael Meade

ACTORWinning FANTASY 1st Scene Script: FORGET ME NOTS by John Dummer

ACTORWinning Under 5min. Short Screenplay – NOSTALGIC by Shannon Michelle

ACTORWinning FANTASY Short Screenplay – MAYBE TOMORROW I’LL SEE YOU by Steve N. Bradford

ACTORWinning Short Screenplay – BROCCOLI by Tiger Ji

ACTORWinning COMEDY Short Screenplay – FIRE ALARM by Tyler G.

ACTORWinning THRILLER Short Screenplay – FOR GOOD BEHAVIOR by Ron Riekki

ACTORWinning SCI-FI Short Screenplay – BRAD ACTUALLY “Trial by Trial” by Caleb Quinn

ACTORWinning HORROR Short Screenplay – THE SNEEZE by Martin Reese

ACTORWinning Short Screenplay – THE HITLER PARADOX by James Hughes

ACTORWinning Under 5min. Short Screenplay – GOD OF INSECTS by James R. Cowley


ACTORNovel Reading: S.A.M. by C.A. Jarest

ACTORNovel Reading: WOES OF HUMANITY by Bhekuzulu Khumalo


ACTORNovel Reading: LEAVING PANAMAS PARADISE by Julie Bawden-Davis

ACTORNovel Reading: WHAT IF I GO by Polly White

ACTORShort Story Reading: THE WYCLIFFE SIX by James Stack


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