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JULY 2018 SCREENPLAYS – 23 in total!

ACTORWinning CRIME Feature Film: INDIAN COUNTY by Troy Kelly

ACTORWinning LGBT Feature Film: GO-GO BOY by Vance Walker

ACTORWinning TV PILOT: THE TEMPS by Julia Montanez

ACTORWinning 1st Scene Script: UNTIL THE DAY by Craig Andrews

ACTORWinning THRILLER 1st Scene Script: MARCO POLO by Jeff Heckler

ACTORWinning FEMALE 1st Scene Script: AMERICAN PRINCESS by Jenny Kleiman

ACTORWinning SCI-FI 1st Scene Script: POLE by Robert Dodrill

ACTORWinning DRAMA 1st Scene Script: TAKE THE SHOT by Jim Norman

ACTORWinning HORROR 1st Scene Script: WHERE THE BAD KIDS GO by Sean Elwood

ACTORWinning 1st Scene Script: REMEMBERING LIZ by Joan Beilstein

ACTORWinning 1st Scene Script: EDEN by Jean Barker

ACTORWinning THRILLER 1st Scene Script: FIELDS OF BLOOD by Michael Meade

ACTORWinning FANTASY 1st Scene Script: FORGET ME NOTS by John Dummer

ACTORWinning Under 5min. Short Screenplay – NOSTALGIC by Shannon Michelle

ACTORWinning FANTASY Short Screenplay – MAYBE TOMORROW I’LL SEE YOU by Steve N. Bradford

ACTORWinning Short Screenplay – BROCCOLI by Tiger Ji

ACTORWinning COMEDY Short Screenplay – FIRE ALARM by Tyler G.

ACTORWinning THRILLER Short Screenplay – FOR GOOD BEHAVIOR by Ron Riekki

ACTORWinning SCI-FI Short Screenplay – BRAD ACTUALLY “Trial by Trial” by Caleb Quinn

ACTORWinning HORROR Short Screenplay – THE SNEEZE by Martin Reese

ACTORWinning Short Screenplay – THE HITLER PARADOX by James Hughes

ACTORWinning Under 5min. Short Screenplay – GOD OF INSECTS by James R. Cowley


Today’s FilmFreeway: Festival of Comedy – Film & Screenplay Festival

I think it’s the timely and respectful feedback that has influenced me to enter the festival. For a reasonable price, I can get insightful feedback and a chance to have it read aloud. And it’s a chance you get monthly, which is cool.
– John-Arthur Ingram (Feature Screenplay, Three Play)

Thursday December 29, 2016

Thursday February 23, 2016

Screenplay Festival Monthly.

Watch the Winning Comedy Screenplays and Short Films at the festival in 2016:

January 2016 Film and Screenplay Festival:
January 2016 Comedy Films/Screenplays/Stories

February 2016 Film and Screenplay Festival:
February 2016 Comedy Films/Screenplays/Stories

March 2016 Film and Screenplay Festival:
March 2016 Comedy Films/Screenplays/Stories

April 2016 Film and Screenplay Festival:
April 2016 Comedy Films/Screenplays/Stories

May 2016 Film and Screenplay Festival:
May 2016 Comedy Films/Screenplays/Stories

June 2016 Film and Screenplay Festival:
June 2016 Comedy Films/Screenplays/Stories

July 2016 Film and Screenplay Festival:
July 2016 Comedy Films/Screenplays/Stories

August 2016 Film and Screenplay Festival:
August 2016 Comedy Films/Screenplays/Stories

September 2016 Film and Screenplay Festival:
September 2016 Comedy Films/Screenplays/Stories

Submit via FilmFreeway:

Read testimonials from the 2016 Festival Submissions:

Terrific reading of my screenplay. Please thank the actors for me! The initial feedback was encouraging and it also appropriately threw light on some needs of the script.
– Robert Tolz (Screenplay, Renassance Man)

Absolutely outstanding notes and I can’t thank you enough. Obviously Charlie Kaufman are difficult waters to sail but I am determined to rock on. The first thing I throw out of the boat is He Who Appears To Be He. But a girl can dream can’t she? Count on one thing you will be receiving my rewrite with a boatload of gratitude.
– Kelly Karam (Screenplay, Ole: Rising Above Mith)

Thank you for the feedback! I appreciate it and will work to improve it.
– Evan Schullery (Screenplay, Due South)

Thank you so much for including my spec script in your festival. The feedback you’ve given me is very detailed and useful. I’ll make sure that I make the necessary changes to the script.
– Linsen Oyosa (TV Spec, Brooklyn Nine-Nine)