Winning 1st Scene of SERAPHINA, by Joe “Tuffy” Tofuri

   A beautiful, kindly Irish woman – bestowed a special gift at birth – comes to the aid of a 1950’s New England family-in-crisis unaware she is being hunted by a revenge-seeking, depression-era zealot. Genre: Family, Thriller, Drama CAST LIST: Narrator: Laura Kyswaty The Doctor: Brandon Knox The Vicar: Rob Notman Joshua: Luke Robinson The… Continue reading Winning 1st Scene of SERAPHINA, by Joe “Tuffy” Tofuri

Watch TV PILOT of I HEART MY DEMONS by Rebecca Scott

I entered this festival a few years ago with a short script I’d written and I won and it was very exciting, so I thought why not go back for more. Plus I feel the adjudicators have very good taste and thoughtful, insightful feedback. I regret not doing much of a rewrite based on their notes, but I fully intend to as they were smart and useful.